JANUARY 20 – Established by God.

JANUARY 20 – Established by God.

Genesis 41:32 – “… it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.”

What God says, God will do. How simple is that? Yet there are those that think God is not serious about what He says. If Israel had believed God would they ever yearn for the leeks and onions of Egypt? Would they have reject to fight for the “land flowing with milk and honey, when the spies came back with grapes carried between two men? Would they have rejected the Savior when He was on trial? Yet, YET –

There are those that do not believe in what God has established. The Psalmist says that God’s Word is for ever established in heaven. I truly believe that His Word has been given to us in unadulterated word and man has continued to try and destroy it from the time it was written. Why should that not surprise us. Satan began changing and distorting the Word of God in the garden. “In the original manuscripts” is a construct or product of mans mind to allow man to argue for what closely follows their preference. God has established it, inspired it and preserved it. Men supposedly educated in the Word about 1845-1848 in Chicago, started saying that the Bible “contained” the word of God. That leaves the Bible open to private interpretation and the use of the term, culture to cut out whole principles that Paul wrote about that is contained in the Word of God, yet some is not the Word of God. Figure out that paradox.

We have, supposedly, educated preachers that say that there is no millennial reign. They also say that there is a universal church and the Lord’s Supper is not important enough to observe the way it was observed by Jesus and the first. Church. What God has established, NO MAN has the right to change. Where God has established the means and methods, NO MAN has the right to change.

I am so happy that God has established the plan he has for us. I don’t have to be innovative. He has established how to reach the lost. But the most important, God has based our salvation upon this attribute of God. Every promise or prophecy ever made is based upon the unchanging attribute of God. God has promised me everlasting life. The everlasting life is not based upon my performance but on the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Everlasting life is not based on baptism because the blood cleanses me from all sin and I am forgiven. His surety is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which seals me until the day of redemption. I am guaranteed to enter the portals of heaven and spend eternity with Jesus Christ my redeemer.

My life is now engaged in living, loving and learning more of god. What a blest day I have knowing that all God promised will be accomplished.

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