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A Good Marital Testimony

A Good Marital Testimony

Not long ago a Hindu woman was converted chiefly by hearing the Word of God read. She suffered much persecution from her husband. One day a missionary asked her, “When your husband is angry and persecutes you, what do you do!” She replied, “Well, sir, I cook his food better; when he complains, I sweep the floor cleaner; and when he speaks unkindly, I answer him mildly, I try, sir, to show him that when I became a Christian I became a better wife and a better mother.”

Can the same be said for us men and women that claim Christ?

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An Infidel’s Final “”Assurance”

An Infidel’s Final


Sir Francis Newport, head of an English infidel club, said to those gathered around his dying bed, “You need not tell me there is no God, for I know there is one, and that I am in His angry presence! You need not tell me there is no Hell, for I already feel my soul slipping into its fires! Wretches, cease your idle talk about being hope for me! I know I am lost forever.

Sunday School Times

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Synopsis of Genesis Chapter 1&2


The first part of Genesis focuses on the beginning and spread of sin in the world and culminates in the devastating flood in the days of Noah. The second part of the book focuses on god’s dealings with one man, Abraham, through whom God promises to bring salvation and blessing to the world. Abraham and his descendants learn firsthand that it is always save to trust the Lord in times of famine and feasting, blessing and bondage. From Abraham . . . to Isaac . . . to Jacob . . . to Joseph . . . God’s promises begin to come to fruition in a great nation possessing a great land.

Genesis is a Greek word meaning “origin,” “source,” “generation,” or “beginning.” The original Hebrew title Bereshith means “In the Beginning.”

The literary structure of Genesis is clear and is built around eleven separate units, each including the word generations in the phrase “These are the generations” or “The book of the generations”: (1) Introduction to the Genealogies (1:1-2:3); (2) Heaven and Earth (2:4 – 4:26); (3) Adam (5:1 – 6:8); (4) Noah (6:9 – 9:29); (5) Sons of Noah (10:1 – 11:9); (6) Shem (11:10-26); (7) Terah (11:27 – 25:11); (8) Ishmael (25:12-18); (9) Isaac (25:19 – 35:29); (10) Esau (36:1-37:1); (11) Jacob (37:2-50:26).

Genesis 1:1-31

Contents: Original creation and the renovating of earth for habitation of man. Creation of animal and human life.

Characters: God, Gen_1:1. Spirit, Gen_1:2. Christ, Gen_1:26 (See Col_1:15-17; Joh_1:3) first man and woman.

Conclusion: An all-wise, all-powerful, loving God formed all things perfect in the beginning. He made man, the crown of His creation, perfect and capable of fellowship with Himself and able to enjoy and govern Eden.

Key Word: Beginnings, Gen_1:1.

Strong Verses: Gen_1:1, Gen_1:27.

Striking Facts: Gen_1:1. Be sure to compare Joh_1:1, Joh_1:2, Joh_1:3, Joh_1:14. Not only was Jesus Christ present in creation, but creation was bound up with Him as its secret. Col_1:15-17. See Heb_1:3.

Gen. 1 is not a history of the original creation, but of a reconstruction following a cataclysmic judgment which had befallen the original creation. Gen_1:1 Original creation. Gen_1:2 Its destruction. Gen_1:3 and on, Reconstruction.

Original or reconstruction – you decide.

Genesis 2:1-25

Contents: God’s Sabbath rest. The creative act of Gen_1:27 explained. The Edenic covenant.

Characters: God, Adam, Eve.

Conclusion: Man is a threefold being, body, soul and spirit. The real man is soul and spirit, conferred directly from God. The body, the outward casing, is dust and to dust it returns.

Key Word: Man, Gen_2:7.

Strong Verses: Gen_2:3, Gen_2:7, Gen_2:18, Gen_2:24.

Striking Facts: Eve, a type of the Church, the Bride of Christ, was not formed of dust, but came from an opened side. The Church is a heavenly Body, born from the opened side of the Second Adam, God’s Son.

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