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Predestination Revisited

There is a question about some individuals might have been predestinated to do certain things. Undoubtedly this is true but there is not a need to get carried away. John the Baptist was named before birth and prophesied of in the Old Testament. The problem is that there is not a scripture that mentions John by name. I do know that in the Old Testament there is a name or two that is mentioned. The problem we have to deal with is the foreknowledge of God. He knows everything from the beginning to the end. He knows when one hair of our head falls and this knowledge is not predestination. We know that Judas was not saved because a saved person cannot be entered by satan. They have been sealed by the Holy Spirit. Luke 22:3.  Jesus knew who and what Judas was. John 13:18 I speak not of you all: I know whom I have chosen but that the scripture may be fulfilled, he that eateth bread with me hath lifted up his heel against me. John 13:26 Jesus said the one I give sop and then gave the sop to Judas. The thought of predestination is difficult to determine. To say he was predestined would then have to be based upon the foreknowledge of God that Judas would reject the Savior and based upon the wickedness of his character, which John draws attention to, would betray Christ. I do not have the ability to determine those that are predestinated individuals. The predistination I know is the plan of Christ and his sacrifice. This will not satisfy your longing to know whether Judas was predestined or not but suffice it to say that no one knows for sure. One day when we are with the Lord we will know all things.

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