Deuteronomy 32:37 – “… where are their gods, …”

This raises a question, who is our God. We find here that the people of Israel have left their God for idol gods, gods of this world. In this chapter, God explains all the things that God has done for His people. He has provided for them, provisioned them, and protected them.

In verse 6 He calls them foolish and unwise. They have made some bad choices. They have been called to proclaim greatness unto God because He is the Rock, He is a God of truth, without iniquity, just and right is He. Then He calls for them to remember the days of old, talk with the old men, the men of memory that recall the goodness and greatness of God. Their choices had consequences.

Our choices have consequences. How can we leave the trust we have in almighty God to trust in the gods of this world; the god of money, the god of power and the god of lust. These are little rocks that cannot sustain and keep us. Yet, so many have turned away from God and turned to the beggarly elements of the world. These worldly elements have become the comfort of those that at one time trusted God. The reasons could be the enticement of the world through entertainment. One deacon at a church I was visiting told me that on super bowl Sunday, he wouldn’t be at church if Dallas was in the super bowl. Entertainment and sports superseded God. There are many things that can separate us God the Father and turn us to the gods of this world. The ridicule of family, slight or offense of another Church member. We make this decisions and choices to leave the true living God and turn to the world and the gods of this world.

Israel left the worship and following the true God for the gods of this world. Where are those gods of the world when they are needed. There is no consolation in the gods of this world. What is the answer? Remember the goodness of God. Remember the provision of God. Remember the protection of God. Remember the grace of God. We should erect monuments of remembrance just like Israel did when crossing Jordan. May we remember.

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