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NOTE: There is an effort today to say that the translators of the King James Bible did some shoddy translation in the formidable effort of taking the Greek and Hebrew into English. I disagree with those that would make such a statement. What I see is an issue of clarity. There are many different assembies. There is only one assembly that is the LORD’S. (So Johnny was walking down the street and met Billy. Billy asked Johnny where he was going and Johnny replied, “to the assembly.” Billy said, “ oh, to the baseball players assembly.” No to the LORD’S assembly.) Read the instructions given the translators about the terms or words to be used. Now show me that Hebrew or Greek scholar that knows 17 different Oriental languages, or that is so conversant in Greek that they keep their daily journal in that language or at the age of 5 was reading Greek and Hebrew. I am not trying to marginalize the study of Greek or Hebrew but express the thought that 4 years of Greek study does not create a scholar that is equivalent to those that translated the King James Bible. A friend of mine began a translation of Bible that would be more accurate than any before. He soon realized that the King James he held in his hand was the most accurate available. Yes, the word Church is good enough for me. I can explain this word just as well and teach it as I can explain assembly and it not being just any assembly but the LORD’S assembly.


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Just a note that should follow Lesson 1

NOTE: The Scriptures state that Satan will use whatever means he can to confuse and undermine God’s Word and work. He has been very effect by playing upon men and womens natural, carnal, fleshly desires. One does not have to know Greek or Hebrew to understand the truth. The problem to-day is that few know how to study the Bible and we are called to “Study to show thyself approved before God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

The implications of the above passage is as plain as the sun in the sky. The statement, “rightly dividing” indicates there is a wrong way to divide. Those that wrongly divide, if they have been born again will stand before the Lord one day and give account. There IS no excuse for being wrong.

Most people are wrong because they reject truth with-out study, therefore falling under the influence of Satan and his demons by believing a lie that Satan has made available and appeals to the flesh. Read John 6:53 -66 which tells of the disciples that heard some things that did not appeal to their flesh and they found abhorrent, they turned and walked with Jesus no more.

There are many well intentioned people that have been born again and going to glory that have not found the exquisite beauty that the Word holds for those that ‘study’ to show themselves approved. The interrelationship of the Old Testament and the New Testament is astounding.

This leads us to the study in front of us. If we are wrong on the doctrine of the Church, we will be wrong on many other doctrines and not understand the blood that Jesus shed. Then we will stand before the Lord and have to give account for our lack and for misleading others.

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