William Andrew Dillard

“That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man.” —Ephesians 3:16

It was all in fun because that is what young teenagers are about. Halloween had come and a thirteen year old was allowed to join his friends, but under stipulation that he not leave the neighborhood. Of course he agreed, anything to secure permission.

However, the consensus of the group was to walk the mile to the drive-in movie theater. How could the young boy resist by admitting his parents would not allow it? He caved to group-think!

Exiting the theater on foot, there were a lot of cars exiting and flooding the streets with lights. The teen group proceeded to cross the main highway, but the boy did not see the oncoming car that slammed into his body sending it hurling in the air and crashing down on the hard concrete.

The ambulance ride to Sparks Hospital was filled with confused amazement and fear. “Is death coming?” “If he survives, what will he tell his parents?”

When the boy’s father appeared in the emergency room, all the lad could do was confess in tears that he was so sorry that he had disobeyed. It was then that his father reached out to him in kindness and in tears of his own brought love to the forefront, thanking God that life has been spared.

In the months to follow there would be surgeries and slings, and lifelong scars to bear witness of the grace of a loving heavenly Father, and a loving earthly father.

The arm that was not supposed to grow to full development did so, and the extended time to sort out the meaning of it all brought a solidified conclusion. Earthly fathers may dearly love their children, but the Heavenly Father loves them more, and He wants them to walk in obedience.

As the years passed and the young teenager grew into adulthood, that terrifying incident continues to be viewed with deep thanksgiving. What a remarkable relationship that lad had with his earthly father, and what an astounding relationship was his with his Heavenly Father. What a blessed perspective of life, love, and goodness, and it all comes so freely though the Lord Jesus Christ! This perspective has served as the unbreakable tether in the toughest of trials.

It really is true that none of us are equipped to handle all the problems that life will serve up. But God is more that sufficient who can bless us exceedingly abundantly more than we think or ask.

Walking with Jesus is dependent upon the state of our heart. When that is right, we will be blessed in our walk with God.

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