338 – Nov. 04 – This Day in Baptist History Past


His son followed him to China


1838 – Josiah and Eliza Ann Goddard, after Josiah had completed his training and had been ordained, were commissioned in the Charles Street Baptist Church of Boston for the ministry that took them to Bangkok, Siam, and Ningpo, China. In 1840 they worked closely with pioneer missionary William Dean. Josiah was most adept in languages and in just two years he was able to pastor the Chinese church in Bangkok. Going from the twenty-six letters in the English alphabet to the Chinese system of 40,000 characters was no easy task. The next few years saw it all, translating, printing, evangelizing, teaching, and even doctoring. The heavy schedule affected Josiah physically and he began hemorrhaging from the lungs which almost took his life. The aftermath made it almost impossible to speak publicly, so they moved to Ningpo to see if the cooler climate might help. There he spent most of his time in translation work. A strict discipline allowed him to complete the New Testament by 1853, and the O.T. up to Leviticus. He also produced many tracts, pamphlets, and study books for young men called to preach. His translation of the scriptures was still considered a classic up until late in the 19th century. After a short trip up the Ningpo River, Josiah contracted malaria, and shortly after returning home, died on Sept. 4, 1854. Eliza Ann returned to America with their three daughters, joining her son, Josiah Ripley, whom they had sent to the states in 1853. Eliza died in Providence, R.I., on Nov. 28, 1857. But the story does not end here.  Josiah Ripley Goddard picked up his father’s mantle, and also took the gospel to Ningpo, China.
[This Day in Baptist History II: Cummins and Thompson, BJU Press: Greenville, S.C. 2000 A.D. pp. 663-64. Francis Wayland Goddard, Called to Cathay (New York: Baptist Literature Bureau, 1948), p. 48.
Prepared by Dr. Greg J. Dixon


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