249 – Sept. 06 -This Day in Baptist History Past

Toleration v Liberty

1741 – John James, William Fulsher, Francis Ayers, Lemuel Harvey, Nicholas Purefoy, and John Brooks, ‘first day ana-baptists’, were all whipped, were bound over to keep the peace, and required to give bonds for their good behavior, and also to take the test oath. This was according to the New Bern Journal of New Bern, N.C. The dusty records in the Register’s office show that in 1741 the Baptists applied to erect a church building, but instead of granting permission, they were whipped and jailed by the Episcopalian authorities. This was in spite of the fact that Colonial Americans were under the protection of the English Toleration Act of 1689. In Every Colony from Maine to N.C. the Baptists and other non-conformists had suffered persecution except for the Baptist state of Rhode Island. [Geo. Wash. Paschal, History of North Carolina Baptists (Raleigh: General Board N.C. Baptist St. Con., 1930), 1:187-89. This Day in Baptist History II: Cummins and Thompson, BJU Press: Greenville, S.C. 2000 A.D. pp. 488-89.]  Prepared by Dr. Greg Dixon

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