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Glorify [God]




In light of the wonder and weight of God’s names and titles, we are challenged to truly glorify Him and honor His names. David prayed in Psa_86:12, “I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.” Glorify is kāḇēḏ (H3513), which is also translated “honour” (e.g., Pro_3:9; Pro_4:8) and “heavy,” speaking of His judgment (e.g., Isa_30:27).


It is that last translation, in fact, that makes this word interesting. This verb literally means “to be heavy or weighty.” We have all heard the expression that someone’s opinion “carries a lot of weight,” indicating that the person is important or influential. Similarly, when we refer to someone as a “heavyweight,” we mean that they possess power, prominence, or stature. God, therefore, is “heavy,” that is, powerful, and is worthy of honor, glory, respect, and obedience. How, then, can we glorify and honor God?


First, by never taking His name in vain (Exo_20:7; Lev_19:12; Deu_5:11). So common is the expression, “Oh, my God!” in our day that we have lost sight of how truly blasphemous it is, and I have heard even many Christians using it. Any such flippant, frivolous, or false statements do not honor God’s holy name. Our speech is to be “seasoned with salt” (Col_4:6), which among other things means “wholesome and palatable.”


Second, we honor God by praising His name. Psa_50:23 declares, “Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me.” By recalling and speaking God’s names and attributes, we praise and honor Him. We can thank and praise Him for His sovereignty, providence, holiness, justice, mercy, grace, and so much more. I pray we will address Him using His various names to bring Him further glory.


Third, we honor God by living up to His name. To be a “Christian” (Christianos, G5546, “of the party of Christ”) means we bear His name and must live up to it and never do anything to dishonor it. All God’s names, therefore, come into view through Christ, and we are to live up to each as we reflect the Son’s character (cf. Gal_5:22-23).


Scriptures for Study: Read the verses mentioned in today’s study and meditate on how you can better honor and glorify God.




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