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You deny yourself when you don’t pray.

Prayer is the key

that unlocks heavens


Adrian Rogers

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Exodus 19:5,6 – “ … ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me … “

We are His, God’s possession. A possession different from all others. This is directed to Israel, yet we can see similar statements said about the Church in the New Testament. God has many things of value but Israel and the Church has greater value than any of the others.

All the earth is the LORDS. The stars in the sky and every planet is His. The great and mighty oceans. All of the beauty and grandeur of these have less value to God than His people, those that believe in Him and trust in the Son and are so in love with Him that tread his courts. For Israel it was the courts of the tabernacle and temple. For our day, His courts is the Church that Jesus built.

When we consider the thought “… if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, … “ We understand the thought rendered is obedience. This pleases God that we have a choice and we choose to obey.

A treasure is something searched for. The Holy Spirit is seeking after the lost to be saved and baptized and become members of the Church. A treasure is carefully guarded. It has become a prized possession. There is great joy when a treasure is found. The angels and God’s people rejoice over a soul that is saved.

Does this not comfort us that we are a treasure. A search was undertaken and we were found. Now we are jealously guarded as the apple of God’s eye. There is joy of the saints and joy in heaven that we have been found.

To obtain a treasure a great price has to be paid. God gave His only begotten Son to obtain this treasure. Are you worthy of the price paid? In God’s eyes your are.

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I know, I know! Everybody’s mind is made up from the title of this article what it is going to be all about. When pastors choose this title and use Malachi 3:8, it is almost always a message of giving of money to the cause of the church. So how could this be any different. Well, think with me and see!
Certainly, a lot of churchgoers do rob God in the matters of tithes and offerings as the context of this Old Testament passage of scripture indicates, but that is not the primary burden of this article. Robbery of God takes on a much grander scale of which robbery in tithes and offerings is but a symptom. Consider that when one repents from sin and receives Christ Jesus into his heart, he is born from above and his spirit sealed with the Holy Spirit of God. That person has been purchased by the shed blood of Jesus. He is no longer his own, but a subject of Jesus. As such he is to render praise and honor to his Savior (how logical). So what do many do? They find any excuse, and the slightest one at that, to miss church worship services or the giving of themselves in any noticeable way to honor the God of their salvation. Many, yes, many, would be embarrassed beyond words if they were called upon to lead in prayer, because prayer is a stranger to them. Will a man then rob God of the just honor due Him? Will a man rob God of the glory He is to receive from him in His church? Will a man rob God of His rightful place in his heart? Will a man rob God of His rightful place in his home? Will a man rob God of the power of personal testimony that he is failing to share with others? How many ways modern Christians do rob God!
The problem is a heart problem! Moreover, that speaks to the attitude toward tithes and offerings. Jesus pungently said it when He taught that where a man’s heart is, there will his treasure also be. So, look around. Where does your money go? Where is your leisure time spent? Where do you find your joy? There is where your treasure is. Certainly, it is a precious few who find their heart and their treasure in the things of God. Among far too many the decision is repeatedly made to rob God! It is robbery, sheer robbery! It is the kind of robbery that a sermon, or brow-beating, or grudging change will NOT fix. It is the kind that underscores heart trouble.
Knowing that we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ to give an account of deeds whether they are good or evil, wisdom cries out for a return of the heart to the God who bought it with His precious blood. When that cry is heeded, all the other things will be fixed.

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