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So What Is Important About Dogma?

Many people decry the idea of doctrine and dogma. They want the soft pleasing cotton candy religion that never takes a stand or even makes a statement. The shallowness of these people are astounding. The comprehension and understanding of God’s Word and God’s commands comes from study and understanding the very Word given by God for us to know. Doctrine and dogma are necessary to express who God is.

Without Doctrine how would one know how to get to heaven? The Bible is plain and simple on this doctrine, yet many have been given the wrong way. Those involved in teaching people the wrong way to get to heaven have blood on their hands. They have sent people into the flames of hell and stand before God guilty.

Let us have the plain simple doctrine of salvation, how to get to heaven. Ephesians 2:8-10 is so simple and clear that none should misunderstand what it says.  “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. 

What is difficult with this scripture? “For by grace” . God’s grace has been extended to man because man is a sinner. That Grace that God extends to us is His own precious Son who has paid the price that we rightfully owe. “are ye saved through faith;”. We appropriate this grace by our faith in the risen Son of God, Jesus Christ. Now this is pretty simple so far and it is doctrine. “and that not of yourselves;”  This says that all we can do is trust in Jesus. We cannot be baptised – that not of yourselves; We cannot join a church – that not of yourselves; We cannot partake of the Lord’s Supper and be saved – that not of yourselves; There is not one thing we can do to get to heaven but simply trusting in the risen Saviour. Now how simple is that; yet there are many that being shallow and not understanding are missing the door to heaven. Notice the Key to understanding is “it is the gift of God;” We do not work (be baptised, join a church, eat the Lord’s supper, do good works) to receive a gift. Gifts are freely given and freely received.  God’s plan is always the best. When everything rest upon Him it then is none of us “lest any man should boast.”  When we trust the risen Savior we are “created in Christ Jesus” . Now comes the works. Once we are saved, we are then to go and witness to others.  Salvation and then good works. Very simple but many do not understand.

This is the doctrine of salvation and any other way is wrong and leads to the punishment of hell.

What is your final destination?

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I Corinthians 11:27 “Wherefore whosoever shall eat this bread and drink this cup of the Lord,
unworthily shall be guilty of the body and blood of the Lord.
28. But let a man examine himself and so let him eat of that bread, and
drink of that cup.
29. For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself,
not discerning the Lord’s body.
30. For this cause many are weak and sickly among you,
and many sleep.”

Please read all of the above. not just verse 28 that speaks of self examination, but EVERY BIT OF THE ABOVE. I say this because when I talk to people, they demonstrate their blindness by referring to self-examination. They are totally blind to everything else. I have asked my self – why is this? I have come to several conclusions. (Now if this offends you then you may be guilty. And if it offends you, get right instead of staying wrong.) Those that would speak only of self examination are in rebellion which is an abhorrent sin to God. They also want to think that they are in charge and not got and that the Church, the bride of Christ, should have not right of expectation on their life. These would totally ignore I Corinthians 5:11. This is instruction to the local Church at Corinth to deny the Lord’s Supper to those that have been involved in the sins listed in those verses.

I Corinthians 11 deals with with several conditions in the Church. Notice what Paul said to the Church in verse 2. “…and keep the ordinances, as I delivered them to you.” My firm belief is that Paul is talking about the Supper being for the members in the Church at Corinth. Understand, that chapter 5 Paul deals with church members involved in a shame full sin and still partaking of the Supper. Paul’s instruction was that these should be put out of the Church so as to deny them the table. Chapter 11 is a commendation that they kept the ordinance closed. Now Paul continues on to other infractions which were listed in my previous article. Closed/restricted communion was being practiced by the Church at Corinth and the commendation was for this proper practice.

Practicing close (which is really open, whether you preachers want to admit it or not. Close is simply open with a limitation. And by the way preachers, if you were consistent in belief, and practice, you should accept any baptism, and if you are going to accept open communion be consistent and accept sprinkling to.) Now some of you are going to say I am going too far. Think what you may we already have a few churches (so called) that fellowship in the ABA that have accepted sprinkling for baptism (so I have been told). Now all ya’ll that practice close communion, when you have a candidate for baptism send them down the road to the next baptist church request they baptise them with the authority of your church and then have that baptised person be called one your church members. You say ridiculous; I say yes!!! but then so is the communion that so many want to be a social supper.

We must understand that Jesus called HIS church from the shores of Galilee and those He called had been saved under the preaching of John and baptised by John and with the authority of John. Jesus was the head. Within HIS church He put Salvation by Grace; Security of the believer; the office of pastor; the office of deacon; and then two ordinances. We don’t quibble about baptism is immersion; nor that Jesus Church has authority to baptise. Now we quibble about the Lord’s Supper? What kind of sense does this make?? NONSENSE – THAT IS  the kind of sense it makes. Do you understand that the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper is the only ordinance with a penalty? Oh!! I see – that is the place that you blithely skipped across like a field nymph. Yes I see it now – you have become an authority on the Lord’s Supper because you base it on your feelings instead of the facts of the Bible and have totally missed “…he that eateth and drinketh UNWORTHILY eateth and drinketh DAMNATION TO HIMSELF NOT DISCERNING THE LORD’S BODY.” Do you see that now? Paul even tells you what happens when one takes it unworthily. “For this cause many are WEAK AND SICKLY among you and many SLEEP.” Sleep means they are DEAD!!!!! Do we understand that there is a serious penalty for partaking the Lord’s Supper in the wrong manner or with the wrong motive. Any preacher that has not warned his sheep of this is guilty of dereliction of duty and putting the members of his congregation in harm’s way. Shame, shame, shame.

One cannot make pretty the ugliness of being contrary to God. Many need to get right. God’s Word is clear.

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I Corinthians 11:17-34; Matthew 26:26-29; Mark 14:22-26; Luke 22:14-20

There are those that say they love the Lord and want to be more like Jesus. There are those that call themselves Christian but want to ignore the very things that qualify them for that title. There are those that literally deny the authority of God’s Word by ignoring the plain teachings of those words. Yes we are talking about the LORD’S SUPPER. Notice, it is not the churches supper to do with what the church decides. It is not an individual’s decision who is invited and how to observe it because it is the LORD’S SUPPER.

If you decided to have a formal sit down dinner for your most intimate friends, and carefully laid a menu that was very elaborate; carefully selected the invitations for beauty of color and design, numbered your chairs to invite the right amount of guests, then carefully fit all of this into your budget; your presumption would be that every thing you had prepared for was under your control and guidance. The theme of this dinner was the sacrifice that each friend had made for the sake of each one’s friendship. A distant cousin hears of this dinner prepared for intimate friends and decides they want to come to just be social and decide to invite a few of their friends; what would your reaction be? That action would totally destroy the very purpose, planning and budget of every thing you wanted to do. For that distant relative, their ignorance would be displayed, their narcissism would be exhibited, and their boorishness behavior would be made known to all.

The Lord wants us to do – Luke 6:46 “And why call ye me Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say.”  The Lord desires obedience. He does not need us deciding who to invite to HIS table. Simply follow and do what this lesson points out.

    a. TRANS-SUBSTANTIATION (Roman Catholic view) – That the elements of the Lord’s Supper actually become the body and blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    b. CON-SUBSTANTIATION (Lutheran view) – That, while not actually becoming the body and blood of Jesus, in some mysterious way the real body and blood of Jesus, is so connected with the bread and wine as to be actually imparted to those who partake. This differs little with the Roman Catholic view.

    c. MYSTICAL PRESENCE (Presbyterian view) – Although they reject the previous views, they believe that in some mystical sense Jesus is spiritually present in the elements; that because of this the Lord’s Supper is a medium through which certain blessings are conferred.

    d. FIGURATIVE ONLY (Baptist view) – That nothing is conferred but that it is a symbolic ordinance depicting the death of Jesus; His body broken for us and His blood shed for us.


    a. Instituted by the Lord Himself, before His crucifixion (Matt. 26:26-29).

    b. Given to an institution, te churches (I Cor. 11:2; Matt. 28:20).

    c. Given to show the Lord’s death until He comes again (I Cor. 11:25,26).


    Who is responsible for this practice? It is based on division; a recognition of division, and a will to ignore that division so that all can partake together. It pretends a unity that does not exist. God is not the author of confusion or division among Christians (I Cor. 14:33), therefore cannot be its author.

    If Baptists are bigots for holding to closed/restricted communion then cannot others be charged likewise when they demand that we accept their views in order to allow them to participate? This restriction is not based on love but upon God’s standard. The decision to allow or not allow is not mine but the Lord’s.


    a. Who can come to the Lord’s table? Acts 2:41,42 gives the order of approach.
        1. Receive the Word.
        2. Be baptized.
        3. Become members of the church.
        4. Be faithful to the doctrines.
        5. Be in fellowship with the brethren.

    b. To be observed by the church as such (I Cor. 11:2,18). The church at Corinth was commanded to correct certain abuses before they could observe the Lord’s Supper properly (I Cor. 11:20).

    c. From this we gather that conditions governing participation are those governing church relationship, and that the ordinance is to be guarded by the church as well as presented to partakers (I Cor. 5:12,13).


    a. Restricted as to purpose or design (I Cor. 11:26).

    b. Restricted to baptized believers (Acts 2:41,42).

    c. Restricted to the discipline of the church, therefore none but members of the local church can partake (I Cor. 5:11; 11:18-20).

    d. Restricted to the fellowship of the church (Acts 2:41,42; I Cor. 11:21,22).

    e. Restricted to self-examination (I Cor. 11:28).

    f. Restricted to a united church (I Cor. 11:16-20).

    g. Restricted to the examination and will of the church (I Cor. 5:11-13). Simply put – if you are not a member of the church that is observing the Lord’s Supper, that church has no authority over you and therefore you have no right to observe the Lord’s Supper with them. By the way, don’t be like one preacher that said to me, “I am not sure this is the Lord’s Supper in verse 11.” This only reveals a persons ignorance because there is only one supper that the Lord observes. If this is not the Lord’s Supper, there are many family and friends that we would not be able to eat with socially.

    h. Restricted to the elements used. FRUIT OF THE VINE and unleavened bread (Matt. 26:29; I Cor. 5:6-8). That doesn’t say wine does it.

This privilege is open to all who meet the conditions imposed by God. The Supper is closed only to those who have no scriptural right to eat it. The Lord did not give an ordinance that is impossible to keep, therefore it should be observed.


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