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William Andrew Dillard
Three references are hereby made regarding the idea of “Tarrying by the Stuff.” Please think with me about them!
First is the setting of the idea in I Samuel 25 and 30. King David went to war with 400 men, but left 200 to abide by the stuff. In the parting of the booty, some wanted to exclude those who tarried by the stuff, but David said their work was important, and they would receive an equal share.
Second, the story Jesus told regarding a lord who took a far journey, but parted his goods among his servants with instructions to “Occupy until I come.” Some doubled their allotment while one hid his so as not to lose anything. His action was denounced rather than commended, and he lost what he might have profited from his master.
In each case whether the term employed is “tarry” or “occupy” the idea is the same. Both terms indicate one is to be present, on guard, and active in the responsibilities given.
Third, is the application of the above terms and actions to our great country: the United States of America ,whose independence we celebrate. It has been the lot of some to go to war to gain its independence while others fought to keep it. But what about the rest of us? It is our lot to occupy, to tarry by the stuff (the principles of freedom) in which we so lavishly bask. What kind of job is being done in that occupation, in the tarrying? Those who tarry by the stuff must not abandon it to the wanton raiding of others, nor bury it in hopes of preservation thereby.
Finally, All who take the name of Christ Jesus to themselves are called both to fight a good warfare, and to tarry by the stuff, occupying until the Lord comes. This writer has a most impossible time accepting the idea that Christian service in all of it various forms including Bible reading, Church attendance, prayer, and witnessing are optional. This is the stuff of our warfare against principalities and powers. This is the stuff we are to occupy for increase for the Master. There is no commendation for those who bury their stuff.
May God give us all a renewed sense of urgency to occupy in faithful activity; to tarry guardedly and rightfully by the stuff that is given to us of heaven itself.

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