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MARCH 22 – Sincerity is Wonderful

MARCH 22 – Sincerity is Wonderful

Pro 16:2  All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits. 

Sincerity is much to be desired. The problem we have is when we are sincerely wrong. Sincerely wrong often closes the eyes to the opportunity to be sincerely right. I believe that each and every one that reads this bit of screed has a desire to be right while on this earth and when we stand before our Lord Jesus Christ in heaven. When we lack the patience to see and read the discussions of those with varying beliefs that are sincere, we deny ourselves the opportunity to either re-enforce what we believe or see where we might be a little wrong.

We have a strange ability to blind ourselves. Not one of us would want to admit that in an area or two we have been instruments of Satan because of our blindness in an area or two. This is not a harangue that anyone is totally wrong on all points. This simply saying that when we shoot the basketball and it clangs on the rim that there is a slight adjustment that needs to be made.

For myself, I don’t want to simply be close to right, I want to be right with exactly what the Lord has instructed. I want to be so far from that line that crosses over to dead wrong that I could not even trip over that line. I want to believe, teach, and practice exactly what my Lord believed, taught, and practice.

May we listen to each other and hear and compare to what we believe and compare to God’s perfect Word. I learn a lot when I listen to others and reflect and study on what is said. Sometimes I might want to adjust a little and other times I am shown to be right and given an added point to help my discussions with others.

May we all be sincere and make sure we are sincerely right with God’s Word.

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