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Unfettered Praise of God

Psalm 145:1-7
“One generation shall praise thy works to another, and shall declare thy mighty acts,” Psalm 145:4.
Do you have family stories you love telling when everyone gets together? Several times a year, when extended families have an opportunity to spend a few hours or days together, nostalgic sentiments take over and the stories begin to flow.
“Do you remember when . . . .”
“I’ll never forget the time . . . .”
“I recall the time I got this scar . . . .”
The stories are always about significant life events, and most of the details remain the same, with a little embellishment, of course. Sadly, however, it seems many of these stories do not last more than a few generations before they are forgotten. We do not forget them because we are too busy, necessarily, or because we do not like stories; we forget them because most of the stories are not life-giving or life-transforming.
In Psalm 145, David declared that the stories of the unsearchable greatness of God will never pass away or cease to be told. This will not happen because we have great memories or simply like to tell stories; God’s mighty acts will continue to be told forever because they are life-giving and life-transforming stories. The story of what God has done throughout history never gets old because the God of the story never changes and the theme of the story, from the first man to the last man, is the same. God loves mankind and moves Heaven and earth to provide a pardon for us in His Son, Jesus Christ. We will never stop telling the story of salvation because there has not been a better story ever written.
Will you tell God’s story today?
Mark Clements

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