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APRIL 7 – We are surrounded

APRIL 7 – We are surrounded

2Kings 6:15  And when the servant of the man of God was risen early, and gone forth, behold, an host compassed the city both with horses and chariots. And his servant said unto him, Alas, my master! how shall we do? 

16  And he answered, Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they that be with them. 

How often we feel overwhelmed. Life, at times will close in on us. We feel pressed down under a great weight. There are times we feel as if everyone is against us. We start feeling sorry for ourselves. We just want to quit and crawl in a hole and disappear from the rest of the world. Fear comes and overwhelms us. We feel deserted, detested, and defeated.

This is a time for us to open our eyes to the Lord. “He is a present help in time of need.” Our Lord has a hedge around His faithful saints. He has an everlasting love and a protection that springs from that love and surrounds us and protects us. Because of this, we can carry on.

No matter what the problem that we have, God is with us when we are in His will. He strengthens us when we are weak, restores us when we are tired, and protects us when we are besieged. There are times when we need our spiritual eyes opened to be able to see what the Lord can and will do. When our faith wavers because the challenge is great He causes us to be overcomers.

The call is not in seeing the victory but in Faith knowing that God will give the victory. We may never see the end till the work is done. Our faith must be exercised as we work to the end. We must know that God has won the battle and will give the victory in His time and in His way as long as we are faithful and true to Him.

Let us be able to see beyond the enemy and see the great and mighty power of God lifting us above the obstacles and carrying us to the Goal.

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