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King Over All the Earth


Zechariah 14:1-9


And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one,” Zechariah 14:9.


I love hunting. It is not so much that I take pleasure in harvesting animals, but I love spending time outdoors, enjoying God’s creation and enjoying the company of family and friends. One of the problems I run into, however, is that I own no hunting property, so I am relegated to spending time on someone else’s land. When I hunt, I hunt on land that belongs to a friend, a family member, a logging company or the federal government, and that is fine as long as I abide by the owner’s rules. I have to constantly remind myself that I do not own the property and that I must follow the guidelines of the owner or risk being kicked off and never invited back. You see, whoever owns the property gets to decide how it is used and who gets to enjoy it.


The owner of all land and everything in it, though, is not a mere human being. Your name might be on the deed to your home or car, but the real owner is God. Everything you have was given to you on loan from God to manage. You own nothing that will be yours forever. With that in mind, according to today’s text, you should be reminded that there is coming a day when Christ will return and will reclaim all that is rightfully His. If you know that what you manage is not your own, should that not change the way you use it? Should you not consult the owner of all things and make sure you are using His property in ways that are approved by Him? When Jesus returns He will find many people who have mismanaged His property and He will dole out the expected judgment. I wonder what Jesus will think about how I have managed everything He has given to me?





Will you treat your possessions as God’s property today?


Mark Clements



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God give me joy in the common things:

In the dawn that lures, the eve that sings.


In the new grass sparkling after rain,

In the late wind’s wild and weird refrain;


In the springtime’s spacious field of gold

In the precious light by winter doled.


God give me joy in the love of friends,

In their dear home talk as summer ends;


In the songs of children, unrestrained;

In the sober wisdom age has gained.


God give me joy in the tasks that press,

In the memories that burn and bless;


In the thought that life has love to spend,

In the faith that God’s at journey’s end.


God give me hope for each day that springs,

God give me joy in the common things!


Thomas Curtis Clark

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So runs my litany of lovely things,
That I recite when I have need of words
To cheer my heart and stir my memory,
A cherry orchard bright with humming birds,
The tinkle of a narrow woodland stream,
Over smooth white stones on yellow sand,
Lazy hours on a windy hill,
Where shady oaks and spreading chestnuts stand.

So runs my litany of lovely things,
The long low whistle of a midnight train,
The glow of fireflies through the purple dusk,
The fresh earth smell that follows summer rain.
The scent of jasmine on a restless breeze,
An orange moon about whose shoulders fall
Airy clouds of grey, swept gracefully
Into deep folds that form a star fringed shawl.

Quiet hours when the drowsy hum
Of crickets reach across the edge of sleep,
The soft swish of the waves against the shore,
The ever changing colors of the deep,
The beautiful awareness of a world
To which the Infinite so closely clings
The mystic vividly made manifest,
…So runs my litany of lovely things.

Grace E. Easley

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