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Absolom Backus Earle gave a report of his labors as a missionary in New York in 1938 which contained the following information.  He had labored faithfully at Mohawk, Auriesville, Fultonville, Fonda and vicinity for two years and at the close, he said, “I do not know of but one person that has given evidence of a new birth since I began my missionary labors.”  It is hard to believe that he is the same A.E. Earle that James Beller writes of in his account.  Earle was born in 1812 in Charlton, N.Y.  He was converted at the age of 16 and began preaching at age 18.  He was ordained at Amsterdam, N.Y. at age 21 where he was pastor for five years, and then resigned to enter the field of evangelism.  For 58 years he held revivals, city-wide campaigns, and protracted meetings in every state of the Union and Canada.  It is estimated that he conducted 1,000 protracted meetings, and traveled over 350,000 miles.  He had nearly 160,000 conversions, and 400 called to the Gospel ministry.  Earle also was the author of several books.  He died at Newton, Mass., on Mar. 30, 1895, at the age of 83.

Dr. Greg J. Dixon, adapted from: This Day in Baptist History III (David L. Cummins), pp. 184-86.


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