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FEBRUARY 18 – Wait upon the Lord

FEBRUARY 18 – Wait upon the Lord

Psa 27:14  Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. 

Does this imply confident expectation. One writer put it this way. “Wait at his door with prayer; wait at his foot with humility; wait at his table with service; wait at his window with expectancy.” There is never a request to wait upon the Lord in idleness.

Waiting on the Lord is busy while we wait for His guidance. Many things we have plain instruction that we can be busy with while we wait for specific direction from God in certain particulars. He will not fail us in His goodness to us or His guidance for us. God has His time for all things. “The Preacher” in Ecclesiastes says, “there is a time for everything.”

Knowing to wait on the Lord means we should show courage. There will be a direction and a task to be done. Our courage will will be increased because the promise is He shall strengthen thine heart. In our day and age great courage is needed. God will strengthen our heart for work He has for us.

To be in the Lords’ will, we must wait on Him.

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FEBRUARY 17 – Where is Your Trust

FEBRUARY 17 – Where is Your Trust

Psalm 20:7  Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God. 

Where is your trust? Men have a problem in this area. We seem to trust in ourselves before we go to God. I do believe we have been created in a way that we think we can handle situations. Only in failure and at wits end do we seek the face and wisdom of God. The verse following says “They are brought down and fallen ….” Trusting the strength of our own arm is sure failure.

We must remember the name of the Lord. We must consider all of His attributes and promises. Everyone knows that God is love. Do you also know that He is a God of anger and jealousy. Remember He is our Rock, and He is Holy. He is El-Roi, the one that sees us. There is a list of names that represent Gods’ descriptive Characteristics. Why do we wait until we are desperate to call upon Him?

It is time to not trust in ourselves and turn to God. Let us do it early. Begin our day by putting that day in the hands of our Lord. Each great undertaking should be prefaced with prayer to the One that wants our success by depending on Him. May we set aside our great plans to attract and influence people and put our trust in God that a word about Christ well spoken and the scripture of Gospel will be blessed by God.

Trust God that He will accomplish great things by us using His Word.

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Judges 10:13 Yet ye have forsaken me, and served other gods: wherefore I will deliver you no more.

There are times when the Lord says, No more. The Lord tells Israel, I delivered you from the Egyptians, Amorites, Ammon, Philistines, Zidonians, Amalekites, Maonites. Verse 6 says, “And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the LORD…. ” They were repeat offenders. It seems as if they were weak and easily influenced by their neighbor countries. Verse 7 says that ”the anger of the LORD was hot against Israel, and he sold them. . . ” Notice what was said here – He SOLD them. He gave them over to pagan nations. These were nations that Israel lusted after their gods. God said, if this is what you want, then this is what you get.

God is a loving and forgiving God. Yet there comes that point where God says enough! There are saved that have a history of leaving the Lord and His service and then returning during times of desperation. Chastisement, at times, can bring the wandering one back to the fold. Then there comes the time when God says; no more. There will be no more vacillating. There will be no more running from me and because of chastisement running to me. I will let you stay in your wickedness and pay the penalty for your decision.

It is time for us to do as Daniel did and purpose in our heart to serve the Lord.

May we serve Him with Joy and gladness.

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Joshua 24:15 – And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

Whom to serve. That is a question that some people answer without giving much thought to. There are those that serve the world and say they are Christians. Having been saved for many years, I struggle with understanding this. Do they believe that simply existing that they are serving the Lord? Do they think that cussing and drinking and fighting are Godly things of service? Do they think that talking about others and carrying tales is a Godly pursuit? Do they think that when all is said and done, God will say, I was only kidding when I said to believe on My Son for everlasting life. Come on up here I will take you wrapped up in your wickedness and sin.

You WILL chose whom you will serve. By doing nothing, you have chosen death and hell. By repenting and receiving Jesus as Savior, you have chosen life everlasting in the presence of Jesus. Yet this choosing says nothing about service. Service is the willingness to do the Masters bidding when we have enlisted in His service. There are those that are saved and there are those that are saved and serving.

There are what is called nominal Christians. They are the ones that are Church members and occasionally engage in serving. Most times they allow things of the world hinder their service. I had a Church member tell me one time, “preacher, all of these people around here know we are here, many have been in this building before. Why should I invite them? I am going to heaven, it probably will be by the skin of my teeth.” This man could restore an old pickup truck meticulously. The bodywork he did on this truck was astounding. Yet his idea of service was to be at church faithfully. He was faithful to be there every time the doors were open but that was the extent of his service. He was a nominal Christian.

The idea of service means to sacrifice. Present our bodies a living sacrifice. That means doing things that are inconvenient. We should always remember the great commission and what it means. Constantly carry the gospel to a lost and dying world.

Let us choose to serve Christ.

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Exodus 19:5,6 – “ … ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me … “

We are His, God’s possession. A possession different from all others. This is directed to Israel, yet we can see similar statements said about the Church in the New Testament. God has many things of value but Israel and the Church has greater value than any of the others.

All the earth is the LORDS. The stars in the sky and every planet is His. The great and mighty oceans. All of the beauty and grandeur of these have less value to God than His people, those that believe in Him and trust in the Son and are so in love with Him that tread his courts. For Israel it was the courts of the tabernacle and temple. For our day, His courts is the Church that Jesus built.

When we consider the thought “… if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, … “ We understand the thought rendered is obedience. This pleases God that we have a choice and we choose to obey.

A treasure is something searched for. The Holy Spirit is seeking after the lost to be saved and baptized and become members of the Church. A treasure is carefully guarded. It has become a prized possession. There is great joy when a treasure is found. The angels and God’s people rejoice over a soul that is saved.

Does this not comfort us that we are a treasure. A search was undertaken and we were found. Now we are jealously guarded as the apple of God’s eye. There is joy of the saints and joy in heaven that we have been found.

To obtain a treasure a great price has to be paid. God gave His only begotten Son to obtain this treasure. Are you worthy of the price paid? In God’s eyes your are.

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Point To Ponder

What does it mean to “follow hard” after the Lord? “My soul followeth hard after thee: thy right hand upholdeth me” (Psalm 63:8)

I am afraid we don’t do this. The word used in this verse is referenced in Strong’s as #1692: dabaq (pronounced daw-bak’) a primitive root; properly, to impinge, i.e. cling or adhere; figuratively, to catch by pursuit:–abide fast, cleave (fast together), follow close (hard after), be joined (together), keep (fast), overtake, pursue hard, stick, take.”

If we were to follow hard after the Lord, we would always be conscious of His presence no matter what we were doing, saying, or where we were going.

Can you imagine having something attached to you? It would go everywhere you go. To follow hard after the Lord implies being attached to Him. I like the word mentioned above “pursue hard”. How may times do we pursue hard after sports, money, entertainment, material things, fame, or to get higher and higher up the career ladder? Do we pursue the Lord before we go to worship and as we worship?

Hmmmm…… If we pursued the Lord like that, imagine where HE would take us. Imagine the peace we would have. Imagine the intimacy we would experience. Imagine the confidence we would have in being who He wants us to be. Imagine the power we would experience in our prayer life. Imagine the strength we would have to resist the Devil. Hey! Guess what? We CAN have all of this not only because the Lord wants us to, but because we are His children.  Just WOW!


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BY: William Andrew Dillard

Words with the same, or very similar, phonetic sounds are called homophones. Since they are often indistinguishable in sound, understanding them depends on proper context in spoken language, and proper spelling in written form.
“Holy” means sacred, worthy of reverence, etc. “Holey” means full of holes. “Wholly” means all, or complete. The homophonic quality of these words with meanings so different lends itself to a lesson application.
In an acute, spiritually anemic world of religion, many variant voices are heard purporting to be the will of the Lord. Such voices may have a well chosen “springboard” verse of scripture twisted out of biblical context to support the peculiar nuance of the speaker. Pity the poor listener who believes whatever may be set before him simply because a pet scripture has been used as a prop.
A sane and sensible question one should ask is, “Is this message holy stuff or simply holey stuff, wholly?”
Once a scripture has been twisted out of context, it no longer conveys the holy truth it is meant to convey within its context. It is full of holes, and will not hold spiritual water. The practice creates a common commentary of the last days.
Let it be underscored that the Bible is not a disjointed collage of opposing ideas, neither is it a code known only to a select few. It is not the gift of the church to the world, rather it is God’s gift to the church to share with the world that they may be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.
The honest Bible student will not read into the scriptures pre-supposed ideas, but will read out of the scriptures the contextual ideas that are harmoniously conveyed.
Since the Bible is the plenary word of God, one may be sure that harmony, symmetry, and unity prevail in its presentation to the exclusion of any contradiction whatsoever.
The depth of the inspired instruction is such that the serious Bible student will continue to learn from it as long as he lives, but such learning will always harmonize with the elementary, indisputable lessons first learned.
But, the charlatan purveyors of that which is holey continue in increasing numbers as biblically predicted for the last days. By these things the necessity of a life anchor in the Holy Word is underscored. All who are blessed to know the Lord in these last days do well to “try the spirits” to determine from which source they come. This may take the initial form of simply questioning with a determination to know the answer: “Is this holy stuff, or is it simply holey stuff, wholly?” Every message must stand of fall by the unerring measure of Heaven’s unified Word!

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David’s Charge to His Son, Solomon

David’s Charge to His Son, Solomon

I Kings 2:1-12

Key Verse: “Be thou strong therefore, and shew thyself a man; and keep the charge of the LORD Thy God,” I Kings 2:2, 3.

David was a man after God’s own heart. Very simply that did not mean that David was without sin. It meant that when he did sin, he turned to God for forgiveness. He knew that forgiveness began with God. David was a sinner and committed some heinous sins. He confessed those sins to God and received forgiveness.

Now comes the time that all men experience. Death. He wants to leave some advice to Solomon who will follow David as King of Israel. “Be thou strong.” A simple piece of advice. Strength is what is needed to live life to its fullest before a righteous God. There are many trials and tribulations in this life. Strong living does not mean that we will not mourn events, be broken hearted, or suffer grief and indecision in this life. It means we will lay all our cares upon the LORD and depend upon Him to restore us to the Joy of serving God and living a life of honor.

Notice the part of the passage that says, “and shew thy-self a man:”. David knows that the man was given responsibility to guide the household in a Godly manner. He wanted Solomon to take his place before God and fulfill his duties to his family and nation in an appropriate manner. That means to lead the nation in a Godly manner and to take the lead in the family in worship in the house of God and in family devotion. I am always happy to the man take the lead in service and worship in the church. He then is shewing himself a man.

Keep the charge of the LORD thy God.” The LORD has given us many instructions for life, living, and serving Him. To the lost, its repent and believe on my Son for everlasting life. For those that are save and heaven bound it is live a life that is an imitation of Jesus Christ while he walked this earth. We have some excellent pointers from the sermon on the Mount in Matthew chapter 5, 6, 7. Matthew 5:1-12 gives us how our relationship with God and our relationship with man should be. The rest is directions for our life and how we should live. This was given to the church. A charge to be faithful and tell others about a Saviour is a charge that each of us should keep.

Thought – “A wise man will hear and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels” (Proverbs 1:5).

James Candler


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Teenager in Prison


Posted: 17 Apr 2015 05:23 PM PDT

Yudintsev, Andrei

Teenager in Prison

  “But he’s just a kid!”  Surely those words could have been said of Joseph in Egypt, or of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Babylon. But that might also have been said of Andrei Yudintsev, who was eighteen when he and his friend, Vladimir Timchuk, were arrested during the Thanksgiving service at their Baptist church.  The lads thought they might spend a short time in the local jail or be fined, but soon they discovered they were going to be “tried” and the mandatory “guilty” finding would confine them for years in prison. They were given prison terms of three and a half years.  Following a brief incarceration in the local prison, the two were transported to different prison camps.  On April 18, 1982, Andrei arrived in his camp where he worked as a welder.  For two years, he had no Christian fellowship, but one day he was told that a fellow believer had been brought in.  He rejoiced to meet Pavel Zinchenko and to discover that they had many mutual friends.  The men continually encouraged each other which made the burdens of prison almost tolerable.  In the course of time, a third believer, Vladimir Blasenko from Nikolaev, was also transferred into their camp. Vladimir had suffered severely for his faith, but his captors could not break his spirit. Valdimir was thrilled to discover that Andrei and Pavel had a New Testament, and he read late into the nights.  Andrei reported:  “At first it might seem that this was a waste of my youth, but when it was over, nothing remained except gratitude to the Lord and gladness.  David says in Psalm 33, ‘For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His holy Name.’”  “He’s just a kid?”  Of Andrei we can say, he became a man, and a special kind of man, a man of God!

Dr. Dale R. Hart adapted from: “This Day in Baptist History III” David L. Cummins. pp. 225 – 226

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Cicero: One Law for All

Cicero: One Law for All


Cicero (106-43 BC)

In the last years of the Roman Republic, Marcus Tullius Cicero, penned his dialogue De Legibus (On the Laws). Regarding the Nature of Man, of Justice, of Right, of True Law and of the Framer and Proposer of this Law, Cicero testified:

Of all these things respecting which learned men dispute there is none more important than clearly to understand that we are born for justice, and that right is founded not in opinion but in nature. There is indeed a true law (lex), right reason, agreeing with nature and diffused among all, unchanging, everlasting, which calls to duty by commanding, deters from wrong by forbidding… It is not allowable to alter this law nor to deviate from it. Nor can it be abrogated. Nor can we be released from this law either by the senate or by the people. Nor is any person required to explain or interpret it. Nor is it one law at Rome and another at Athens, one law today and another thereafter; but the same law, everlasting and unchangeable, will bind all nations and all times; and there will be one common Lord and Ruler of all, even God, the framer and proposer of this law.

Source: Cicero. De Legibus (On the Laws) 11, 4, 10.

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