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Justus Vinton


Justus Vinton
A husband and wife team
1834 – On this day Justus and Calista (Holman) Vinton were married.  They met at the Hamilton Bible Institute at Hamilton, NY where they had both gone to prepare themselves for the service of Christ.  Justus had been born on Feb. 17, 1806, in Wilmington, CT.  He received Christ at age ten and called to preach at fourteen, and in 1826 he entered the Bible Institute in Hamilton, NY. Calista was born on April 9, 1807 and at 16 she contracted an illness and was near death.  She requested to be baptized before she died, so they put her on a sleigh and took her to the river on a cold day in March and Pastor Grow baptized her.  From that day on she began to recover.  They sailed for Burma in July arriving in Maulmain in December.  Vinton conducted services on board the ship and led the captain, the steward and a number of the sailors to Christ.  Having studied the Karen language in school, the Vinton’s immediately began to evangelize among the Karens from village to village, which they continued for the next twenty-five years.  They took a furlough in 1848 to allow for Mrs. Vinton’s health and to give Mr. Vinton an opportunity to stimulate the mission cause, which he did.  After they returned to the field, war broke out and a Burmese evangelist in Rangoon asked them to come to assist the work there.  The mission directors back home disagreed so Vinton  resigned.  Through great privations they saw unusual results.  In one 20 month period Vinton baptized 441 converts.  Vinton died in 1858 with jungle fever.
Dr. Greg J. Dixon, from: This Day in Baptist History Vol. I: Cummins/Thompson /, pp. 144.
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