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William Andrew Dillard

Job! To many, that name is a byword, an identification of troubles, and trials in life that rings down through the ages. But it is a powerful reminder that bad things really do happen to good people, and sometimes it is hard to understand why, or for what purpose.
In his case, Job was a righteous man, highly blessed of God whom he both knew and served. Unknown to him was a trial coming his way that easily transcended the mastery of man, but that is not what it was all about. It was a testing for time and eternity to friend and foe that the grace of God is sufficient in whatever temptations, trials, and illnesses life may bring.
God held Job up as an example, but Satan insisted that it was all because of the blessings of God upon him. Take those away, he said, and Job would curse God. (hum, sounds like Satan had already witnessed human failure.)
The contest began. Job lost his sons, all of them. He lost his great herds of cattle, camels, and other animals. Last but not least, Job broke out in severe boils all over his body. He could stand no clothing so he sat in a pile of ashes, covering himself with them, and scrapping his wounds with shredded pottery. To say that he was one extremely miserable character would be a gross understatement. This went on for days, then weeks, then months. His friends who came to console him only succeeded in making matters worse through their lack of understanding.
Misery was piled upon misery! So much so that all generations after him recoil at the bad things God allowed Satan to cast upon him. So, what did Job do that was so right?
Job resisted temptation to sin with his lips. Even when his wife in doubtless pity urged him to cast off his integrity, and curse God and die. Job blessed the Lord.
Job exalted God in praise, avowing that he knew his Savior and that He would stand in the latter day upon the earth. He testified that even though he should die and skin worms destroy his body, yet he would see God with his own eyes and not those of another.
Although Job did not have scriptures to bolster his faith as modern mankind does, he remained true to God, and to the faith he had been given. To put God first, and as one’s only hope beyond this vail of tears is always the right thing to do. Job did just that, and you., dear reader, should follow that example because it is so right!!

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MARCH 27 – I Will Wait Till my Change come

Job 14:14  If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come. 

15  Thou shalt call, and I will answer thee: thou wilt have a desire to the work of thine hands. 

16  For now thou numberest my steps: dost thou not watch over my sin? 

This question is asked in many circles today. It is an old question and I think that Job was asking this question for the benefit of his friends. As we read the book of Job I believe we find in him a profound belief and trust in God. We find his answer following the question. “All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.” His expectation was a change from this mortal body to an immortal body.

Notice Jobs statement, “… the days of my appointed time …” Do you think that the Lord knows the length of time we will be here on this wicked and sinful earth? Apparently, Job believes that. Job even said that “…thou numberest my steps.” We have a certain amount of time to serve the Lord. How much time have we wasted? My allotted time will soon end. How about you?

The next verse says “Thou shalt call …” We are called into the service of the Lord just as a soldier is called to serve his country. Too few that say that they are called are answering the call. Job said,”I will answer thee …” How many have announced their call to the ministry and are sitting on their hands lusting for a pastor to get sick so they can fill their pulpit. This reminds me of a preacher that sent out the word, “I am available to pastor anywhere within fifty miles of my home.” We have enough “so-called” preachers sitting in Churches and not pastoring that there is no excuse for a Church to be without a pastor for five years. This has happened. It is time for us to grow a spine and answer the call to work.

Job once again mentions a length of time. God was the original “Fitbit”. He numberest my steps. During a call to surrender and service, we are reminded that God marks my errors. He sees our sin of not surrendering. We say we are called, yet God calls men to service, to preach, to teach and announce the call but they do not respond to service. That is sin. God sees our sin.

May we yield to the call of surrender and service. The end of life draws near. What have we done?

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MARCH 8 – I will wait till my change comes

MARCH 8 – I will wait till my change comes

Job 14:14  If a man die, shall he live again? all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come. 

What blessed event Job is talking about. He had great joy with family and friends till tragedy struck. Now we find a life full of sorrow and sadness. Friends came but at this point, they were very condemning and not much comfort. He had lost riches and a comfortable life. He had lost his children and even his wife said to curse God and die. Now his friends are telling him how great a sinner he is. This is a miserable life.

I remember when I brought my father home to spend his last days with me and my wife. He was on dialysis three days a week. This would wear him out. There were times after dialysis I would tell dad, I need to stop at this house and spend a few minutes talking to these people. His mild dementia might prevent him from remembering my name, yet he realized this was God’s work. His reply was always, you go ahead, I will wait right here for you. There were two prayers he prayed. “Lord take me home.” He knew this old world was not his home.” The second prayer was, “Lord if you are going to leave me here, give me my health so I can serve you.” He never prayed restore my health so I can enjoy the pleasures of this world. The time he was on this earth, he called it “tenting and tabernacling.” In other words, he considered his time here as being temporary.

Job knew that time on this earth is only for an appointed time. God had set a time for man. Job knew where he was going at death. He knew there would be a change. Some of you were something on your wrist that counts your steps. Job said that God numbers his steps. That is a recognition that God knew him intimately and knew every sin. We must realize that God has an intimate knowledge of us. He knows our thinking and our motives. He knows that one day we will stand before Him. We will be judged. May we stand before him having served Him faithfully and served Him his way.

Serving God in spirit and in truth is our work on earth.

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January 15 – Idols from familiar things

JANUARY 15 – Idols from Familiar things.

Exodus 32:1-4 – Idols from familiar things.

Everyone knows this story. Moses up on the mountain and God dictating to him the law. 40 days, Moses was gone. That is a little more than a month for us. A short time to be without a physical leader but the weakness and shallowness of the spiritual man could not abide that period of time. We speak about Israel in a negative sense too often. We are so much like Israel and God has laid out His will for us in Written Word. They took familiar things, golden earrings and used those to make their God.

We do the same. How? Our job interferes with our one day a week worship with the Church. I have witnessed men that work five days a week and are off Saturday and Sunday and do not darken the door of the Lord’s House. Their excuse, Saturday I have to do my chores around the house and Sunday is the only day I have to sleep in. Let me tell you what an excuse is, it is a lie wrapped up in the skin of a reason. Job has become an idol.

Pastor, I will not be here this coming Sunday because my kids have an athletic event out of town. Here is a parent that has made athletics their God. They have put athletics as more important than being in the house of God. Their children miss the scriptures and lessons on salvation. What comes to mind is; how many children are not saved and are therefore condemned to a devil’s hell because of the parents decision to make athletics their God. Those same parents will wail and moan after the children are grown about the children not going to church, yet the parents set the pattern. Athletics has become an idol.

Preacher, I live too far away to come to Church. I feel sorry for every pastor that has heard this excuse. Who moved? Did God move? Did the Church move? These same people will drive 30 to 40 minutes to go into town to shop for groceries. They will drive into town to treat the family to a meal or go to the movies. I wonder if in the horse and buggy days, any farmer used this excuse. They couldn’t just hop in a car and go. During the winter, the hay was put in the wagon on Saturday. Sunday morning the usual chores had to be done. Then there was the time to hook the horses to the wagon. If the Church building was just five miles that would mean 25 minutes in freezing cold to get to church.

We really have it rough. Here in the north, there are those faithful members who drive an hour to an hour and a half every Sunday to worship. Yet others has made time an idol.

My father invested in his children by what he instructed us. He told me, his number two son; you can go out for any sport you want to. Just remember this, when there is a revival, an association meeting, any Church event, you will be there. There were times that we were pulled out of school early on a friday because we would be driving from 2 hours to 4 hours for a revival at one of our sister churches or a 2 day association meeting. Instilled within seven children was God is to be worshipped and no other thing was to be an idol to us.

As God told Israel, put your idols away and serve me.

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1001 Excuse Avenue

Dear God Up In Heaven,

I wanted to write you and let you know why we don’t attend the services of the church faithfully.

You have chosen for Your day, a day that comes at the end of a hard week when we are all tired out. Also, it comes just after Saturday night and that is the night we feel we should enjoy ourselves and take in a movie or a ball game, or a party; and it is usually after midnight when we get to sleep. You have chosen the very day on which we need to sleep late. Then, too, my family demands a big Sunday dinner; and when I get up so late, I can’t get all this prepared and make it to Bible study and for preaching. John likes to read the Sunday sports page thoroughly, and the kids want to read all the funnies. I mean no disrespect, but it seems to me that You picked the wrong day.

Then, too, we must think of John. John works hard all week, and Sunday is about the only day he has to catch up on odd jobs around the house. I also feel like he should have one day a week to sleep, fish, golf, or visit the folks he doesn’t see during the week.

Please try to understand and don’t hold this against us.

Last Sunday we meant to go to church but had company. The Sunday before, we meant to go, but it was raining. The Sunday before that you know how cold it was. I was telling John last night that we just had to get back to church or people would thin we had quit. You know how people like to talk.

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Make Your Days Count!


Psalm 90:10-12


So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom,” Psalm 90:12. 




In the middle of his anguish and loss, Job recorded these words about the brevity of life: “Man that is born of a woman is of few days, and full of trouble. He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not” (Job 14:1, 2).


I am sure there are days when you feel the same way about life. When things go wrong, it’s easy to remember how good life used to be and allow a feeling of despair and dread to come over you. But, if you are reading this, you are not done yet. God is not finished with you. As long as there is air in our lungs and blood coursing through our veins, there is work to be done. Surely, when our race is finished, God will bring us home to Him, but until then, we have a job to do. We do not accomplish that job by glorying in the past, but by hopefully marching toward the future on a wild ride of faith. Job did not give up, but pressed on in faith. God honored his faithfulness and blessed him with the resources he needed to glorify God on earth, restoring to him all that he had lost. A life of faith trusts God even in the dark days and vows to pursue God every day to make each day count. Your life may be short compared to eternity, but it is what you do with your life on earth that counts in eternity. Like the old hymn says, “Only what you do for Him will be counted in the end; only what you do for Christ will last!” (Raymond Rasberry, “Only What You Do for Christ Will Last”)






Will you make today count for eternity?




Mark Clements




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William Andrew Dillard



The plural “books” is purposefully used in the title of this article even though the references in the scriptures are singular. The reason for the plural term is simple. There is more than one book referred to as “The Book of Life.”
Linguistic difficulties often surround terms due to commonly assigned meanings rather than precise definitions. So, what does the term “life” mean? Surely it is not restricted to conscious existence as most would say, because everyone will exist in consciousness somewhere for all eternity. This truism then causes the Bible student to rethink meanings, and in this instance life obviously refers to quality of conscious existence: while a most undesirable quality of conscious existence is referred to as “death”.
think with me about this!
At one point, Moses interceded for the Hebrew people in their wilderness wanderings to the degree that if God would not spare them, then his request was to be left out of God’s book. Exodus 32:32. Certainly, he was not requesting the loss of salvation, or of an eternity in hell, but the reward of his place in the annals of God’s recorded word.
Paul entreated others for help on behalf of those who labored with him in the gospel ministry whose names were in the book of life, Phil. 4:3. This is doubtless the same as the book of life in which God’s people were written, and promised their names would not be blotted out of it if they persevered in the faith to be overcomers. Moreover, this same book of life may be altered regarding one’s final status and station according to Revelation 22:19. Additionally, men are sternly warned that the altering of Revelation would result in their part being taken from the book of life. Again, this is not an assignment to hell, but it is definite loss of reward and status for eternity.
Additionally, there is the Lamb’s Book of Life which is the recording of all who have trusted in the Lord from the casting down of the perfect order that initially reigned in the Garden of Eden. It is the roll of all who have been born from above throughout human history. Rev. 13:8.
Furthermore, Job said his record was on high, 16:19. So is the record of everyone. Furthermore, at the final judgment, Rev. 20:12, the books will be opened plus, another book called the book of life, and the dead at the great white throne judgment were judged by what was written there, according to their works. Then, in Revelation 20:15 the Lamb’s book of life comes into play with all whose names are not written there being cast into the lake of fire.
Jesus said to His disciples as they returned from the limited commission, rejoicing that even the devils were subject to them in His name, “. . .Rejoice because your names are written in heaven.” Luke 10:20. Now that is where you want your name written, in heaven, in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and in the book of life-works that qualifies those so written for rich reward.



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Let the Redeemed Say So


Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy,” Psalm 107:2.


David said in Psalm 107:1, “He is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” Since, as Jesus said in Matthew 19, only God is good, the saints must possess God to have any goodness. “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Cor. 5:17). Since we are new creatures in Christ, our perspectives of everything in life should become new. Our priorities get new makeovers. The closer we are to God, the more we want to let the lost world know how wonderful He is. Job said in the face of horrible tragedy, the Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord. (In spite of all that.)


Being the children of God, we should rejoice that God’s mercy endures forever. While the enemies of Christ in the world stand around wringing their hands and whining, We stand on the solid Rock being held by all His might.


Today, think about God’s goodness and mercy toward you and your loved ones, that’s all you need to open your mouth and say so. Jesus taught the apostles in Matthew 10 to shout it from the housetop. Hallelujah! Just thinking about God’s goodness can give sincere Christians spiritual goose bumps. Joyful Christians scare the devil’s advocates. The people of the lost world do not know how to handle joy; they live in darkness and gloom with no hope. The things they hold dear are sifting through the hour glass. The world is desperate. But, on the other hand, we are just pilgrims on vacation, passing through on the way to the Promise Land. Look in the mirror and say, you are so richly blessed, Glory! Then call up the neighbors and tell them all about it.


JUST A THOUGHT – We are redeemed by His blood and happy to say so.



Robert A. Brock



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