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By: William Andrew Dillard
A few decades ago, a man of great charismatic personality with the common name of Jim Jones successfully allured about one thousand of his followers to the tropical, isolated jungle where they built a compound, camp complete with airstrip. They were preparing themselves in isolation from the world for the next life. As time went on, some became discontent, but were unable to leave. On examination by a party that included a congressman, the examining party was murdered as they attempted to leave, and the population was given poison kool-aid to drink to usher them into the next life. A few days later, the camp was found with everyone dead.
From that dreadful event has come the expression, “don’t drink the kool-aid!” It reminds us of so many biblical warnings and admonitions regarding spiritual “kool-aid.” From the Garden of Eden, the battle for the spirit and mind of man has constantly waged. From the “Kool-aid” offered by the serpent to Adam and Eve, to the religious debate over what was right between Cain and Abel, to the ruination of the antediluvian world, to this very day there has been no relenting of it. The decision weighs heavily on every individual: what to believe; how to proceed; what to do? The crux of these weighty matters suffers no little number of Kool-aid vendors.
Ancient Israel knew mountainous onslaughts from the idol gods of the gentiles around them, bringing harsh and swift judgment from the Almighty upon them. From false religion, false doctrine, to “every man doing what was right in his own eyes” lessons of life were painfully, repeatedly learned. During His ministry on earth, Jesus warned His disciples to “beware the leaven of the Pharisees.” By this they understood that He referenced false doctrine (Kool-aid!).
To facilitate ingesting the Kool-aid, another form of it has been quite successfully sold. It is the idea that a layman, untrained theologically cannot understand or rightly apply the teachings of the Word to his life. He must have professional help! Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Holy Spirit of God accompanies the Word of God, and anyone who desires to know the doctrines of the Bible shall know them. It does require that one be exposed to them. So, what are you waiting for? Open the Book! Read for yourself! Prayerfully seek God’s help for your understanding, and then act on what He teaches you! There is no safety in numbers of people of any particular persuasion, and the flavors of Kool-aid are multiplied. DON’T DRING THE KOOL-AID!

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