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 Parson to Person

If I could have in my possession only one verse of the Bible, which one would it be? Hands down, it would be John 3:16. It is so comprehensive that it pretty well covers all the bare essentials for fallen mankind. It is the key to evangelism. Think about it with me!
It begins, “For God.” Here is the presentation of the eternal, creator deity. There is no need to try to prove God. He doesn’t! He is, and it is literally the fool who does not know this.
It continues, “So loved.” Here is the essence of what God is. I John 4:8 says “God is love.” There is one God. He is the creator and eternal judge, and His essence is love. That draws me.
“God so loved the world.” Here is the object of His love: the inhabited world. It is unlimited to the world of men. As a part of that, I am then the object of His love. I am grateful, and I rejoice!
“That He gave.” Love is giving. Love is sacrifice by its own definition. God, the Creator is a giving God, not a taker. Rather than quake in fear, I run to Him in expectation.
“He gave His only begotten Son.” Love gives! It is not a trivial gift. It is not an expensive gift that would be trivial compared to His universal riches. It is His only begotten Son. The gift is the one and only expression of mankind who could pay the penalty of sin and did so from the depths of His essence of love and grace. It is as the scriptures put it, an “Unspeakable gift!”
“That whosoever.” What a wonderful word! Whosoever includes me! Whosoever excludes no one. The invitation to goodness, righteousness, life is indeed universal to the offspring of Adam.
“Believeth in Him.” The required prerequisite to everlasting life is to believe in Him. One might quibble about the degree of belief under consideration, but the term “believeth” is present tense, and means to trust for that which is eternal, and over which no mortal has control or authority in himself.
“Should not perish” Here is the opposite outcome for failure to believe in Him. Moreover, it is a divine statement that such belief produces the opposite of whatever ideas may be associated with “perish.” But for God, to perish is absolutely, universally certain!
“But have everlasting life.” Life: goodness in awareness minus any of the evils associated with present earthly life and sin. Life! Everlasting life! It is perfection, immortality, awareness in total righteousness without interruption or end. The very idea is overwhelming, but this is the greatest story ever told, the greatest gift ever given, the greatest hope of any human heart.
If I could have only one verse of scripture in my possession to love, live by, and share with others, it would be John3:16

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Power in the Word


Hebrews 4:12


“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” Hebrews 4:12.

Now and again a thorough cleaning of the heart does us good.

Psychologists and those in the mental health field say that denial can be the stumbling block to overcoming harmful habits. Denial often keeps us from becoming our personal best. Christians are no different. We should know better, but because we are human, we suffer the same faults and failures as unbelievers. Each of us needs God’s Word to clean out our dark thoughts and reveal to us the true intent of our hearts.

For this reason, Bible preachers and teachers are relevant to a healthy society and to a healthy church. When pastors and teachers obey the Holy Spirit and preach thus saith the Word of God, He can sweep the corners of our minds and hearts and alert us to the sins we may deny and conceal from others. For this reason, they should preach unapologetically God’s message to sinners and saints alike for the hearer’s good and His glory.

In the past, the people of Israel did not always appreciate the prophet’s message from God, but they needed to hear and heed it, if not for themselves, for the next generation’s benefit.



Lord, thank You, for sweeping through my thoughts and the intents of my heart, and revealing every thing I was denying. Heavenly Father, as You revealed my sins, You also promised not to leave me in my sins and to be my strong help in my time of need.

Beverly Barnett



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The Kind of Christian I Am!




William Andrew Dillard

The Kind of Christian I Am!
An interesting comment was made in my presence many years ago. My friend who was vice-president of a major bank at the time, related in the course of conversation that a teller requested a raise in pay. When asked to justify the action, the teller replied that she deserved it because she now has ten years of experience. Whereupon the vice-president retorted that he could understand that from her viewpoint, but that she must understand that from the bank’s viewpoint she did not have ten years of experience, rather she had one year of experience ten times.
Pondering that conversation for many years, it has become painfully clear that this is the case of way too many members of the Lord’s churches everywhere. Some are quite proud of their longevity of membership, and perhaps faithfulness in attendance. While these things are to be appreciated, it is not a point of honor and glory for church members to have less than one year’s experience forty times or more. It is easy for one to get the distinct impression that a lot of church folk see the Christian life as static. They have been saved, baptized, and admitted to the membership of a New Testament Church. With those things in place, they feel that they are to mark time until Jesus comes. But, those things are NOT to be catapults into a static position. Rather, they are foundational to massive growth in knowledge and grace in what the spiritual work of the church is about, and in personal preparation to rule and reign with Christ in the age that is about to happen.
So, in listening to others, and in private experience, learn to pray! Discover the contents of the blessed Book which is the only thing in this world that will survive and be in primary play in eternity. The truly important thing in life is what one believes, and one cannot believe what he does not know. Therefore all of God’s people should be in hot pursuit of knowledge, intensifying faith, with the accompanying peace and joy of understanding and wisdom. The personal question: “what have I learned in the last few years?” is important. 2 Peter 3:18 admonishes us all: “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…”
How sad it will be for some who will fail to impress the Lord with their long, static position to hear Him say, “My child you have one year of experience forty times.” I have no bragging room or rights, nor are they sought, but I am still learning because that is the kind of Christian I am.



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Authored by William Andrew Dillard


The Kind of Christian I Am!
My friend, the late Dr. C.N. Glover, an able Missionary Baptist minister, and one of three founders of Missionary Baptist Seminary, wrote several books, and in later life penned a song which others set to music and placed it in the ABA Hymnal. The title of the song is “The Grace of God Amazes Me.” Over the vicissitudes of time, disciples of the Lord Jesus have all stood in absolute awe as they studied and contemplated the amazing grace of God. Some have considered that the enormity of their evil deeds placed them beyond the grace of God, and asked, “How far does the grace of God extend?”
Think with me about that!
Men err when they consider that evil and atrocious deeds make them more lost than others who live a good, moral life though estranged from Christ Jesus. The truth is all men are sinners. There are no exceptions. Natural sinners are lost….. even…. as lost as lost can be! The unrepentant men, moral or perpetrators of evil deeds are in the same boat. They are lost. It follows that one cannot become any more lost than…. lost! The good news is that the grace of God extends to all men! The most terrible person on earth may be saved when repenting of sin and trusting Christ Jesus as his personal Savior. God’s grace reaches that far!
Consider that the grace of God extended to John Newton, the captain of a slave ship. He was heavily involved in the capture of African natives, and transporting them to the human auction blocks. God convicted him. He was saved, and became a preacher of the gospel that stirred all England. Moreover he gave the Christian world its most beloved song, “Amazing Grace.” Additionally, the grace of God extended to William Cooper who suffered greatly from deep depression, but in his cry to God was heard, saved, and went on to give us such moving hymns as “There is a Fountain Filled With Blood.” The grace of God extended to Saul of Tarsus who made havoc of the very church of the Lord Jesus Christ as he imprisoned them, and consented to their death. Later, after a,meeting with Jesus, he took the name of Paul, (little guy). He declared himself to be the chiefest of sinners. How he rejoiced in the amazing grace of God!
Millions testify: “The grace of God reached even me.” Indeed, it extends to the far reaches of earth while it is “today.” You are not beyond the grace of God, but you can sin away your day of grace. “Today” the Creator, Redeemer will hear the sinner’s cry of repentance. I am adamantly certain of this fact of God’s Word, and that is the kind of Christian I am.



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A little bitty worry
Started early in the day;
By noon, it seemed my worry
Hovered, standing in my way;
The things and thoughts I should have had
Got buried in my mind,
Until my little worry turned
Into the horrid kind.
By bedtime, i was frantic –
What to do, oh, what to do!
And then I couldn’t go to sleep,
For worrying – fretting, too.
By morning I was almost sick,
When suddenly and soon,
My worry had been all worked out
Before the toll of noon;
Then I looked back and saw my worry
Just for what it was –
A thing that didn’t happen,
As a worry seldom does.

Bonnie Daisy Nelson

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