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Beware of Scheming Friends

MARCH 18 – Beware of Scheming Friends

2Sa 13:3  But Amnon had a friend, whose name was Jonadab, the son of Shimeah David’s brother: and Jonadab was a very subtil man. 

The best of friends can lead to terrible things. How many have seen the motto, when I am in jail, my best friend is there with me.” This is not my choice as a best friend. Our friendships should elevate and warn us about trouble to come. Amnon had an evil desire and his friend laid out a plan that could make this desire come true. The friend was not implicated to share in results of this completed plan. The fulfillment of this plan brought death to Amnon and Jonadab was free from any consequences.

One thing we need is friends that elevate us. Friends that love us enough that they will encourage us to do the right thing. Decisions can make us or break us in this life. Not only do we need friends that lead us in the right direction, we need mentors. Those that have lived and served a long time. Those that have met the problems and overcome them. Would a middleincome person looking for financial advice turn to a middleincome person whose finances are in a shambles and ask them advice? I would go to the man that had accumulated a retirement nest egg that was very comfortable. I would seek out the one upon buying a car said, “I will not buy another pair of shoes until this car is paid off. He put cardboard in the shoes to cover the holes until that car was paid off. He accumulated a very comfortable retirement.

Whatever your goal in life, good friends are important. Friends that stick with you through thick and thin. Friends that have good advice when troubles and trials come. Friends that maybe we don’t see for a few years, yet communicate things that we would reveal to others. I have a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. I need daily communication with Him. We communicate through prayer and the Word He has given us.

When I can do no more, I have a friend that I can turn everything over to Him and He takes care of it. Jesus Christ, my Savior, my Guide, my Comfort, my Advisor, my Friend.

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A little bitty worry
Started early in the day;
By noon, it seemed my worry
Hovered, standing in my way;
The things and thoughts I should have had
Got buried in my mind,
Until my little worry turned
Into the horrid kind.
By bedtime, i was frantic –
What to do, oh, what to do!
And then I couldn’t go to sleep,
For worrying – fretting, too.
By morning I was almost sick,
When suddenly and soon,
My worry had been all worked out
Before the toll of noon;
Then I looked back and saw my worry
Just for what it was –
A thing that didn’t happen,
As a worry seldom does.

Bonnie Daisy Nelson

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