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FEBRUARY 15 – My Feet are established

FEBRUARY 15 – My Feet are established

Psa 18:33  He maketh my feet like hinds’ feet, and setteth me upon my high places. 

Psa 18:36  Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, that my feet did not slip.

When I allow God to order my steps, then am I on safe ground and do not slip. What David has compared us to is the swiftness and sureness of a hind. When I follow the path, the truths and the ways of God, I am safe.

Notice the comparison implied here. There are those four footed beasts that climb steep mountains. They have that ability to put their hind feet upon the same safe and secure place that the front feet have already proven. They can climb to great heights of security. In the race they are very swift in pursuing or being pursued.

We have been given everything we need to pursue our enemies. The Word of God has laid out our path for us. We should never stray from it. It is our safety. Swift and sure to the battle we are engaged in. God has enlarged our steps under us. God has given a bit of latitude to keep us save and secure. Our enlarged steps get us to the heights. A place of safety. A place of security. A place of Victory.

May we order out steps in the path the Lord has provided for us.

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Ruth 3:4  And it shall be, when he lieth down, that thou shalt mark the place where he shall lie, and thou shalt go in, and uncover his feet, and lay thee down; and he will tell thee what thou shalt do. 

A custom unknown in our nation was when Ruth laid down at the feet of Boaz. In the 3rd chapter and verse one, a word is used that has an interesting meaning. That word is “rest” and could mean “home.” I always connect the term rest with home. I leave work to go home to rest from my labors of the day. Naomi is asking Ruth if she should seek rest (a home) for her. A home indicates rest and security.

Boaz is kin to us. We are related by marriage. Here is an opportunity to rest from her labors and gain a husband and a home. This would be security for a person. A place where one can retreat from the cares and drudgery of this wicked world. All Ruth had to do was lay at Boaz’s feet. How simple was this? All of this depended upon Boaz being a kinsman. He was wealthy and could provide for her. He had already shown himself inclined to her by the instructions he gave to the men that harvested his field.

What about us? Jesus is our kinsman redeemer. He wants to redeem us and give us security and a place to retreat from the wickedness of this world. He wants to give us security. It is so simple. For by grace are ye saved through faith. It is so simple some stumble, expecting that they need to be good to get to heaven. He gives us security in that He gives us eternal life like John 3:16 says, “everlasting life.” After we have been redeemed by prostrating our selves at the feet of the risen Savior, we have come home for rest, peace and the security of Jesus Christ.

Let us seek the Savior for salvation and security and service.

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