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The best argument for

The best argument for 

Christianity and the

the best argument against

Christianity is the life of

a Christian. Not only are

we to be His witnesses;

we ought to be part of

the evidence.

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Absolom Backus Earle gave a report of his labors as a missionary in New York in 1938 which contained the following information.  He had labored faithfully at Mohawk, Auriesville, Fultonville, Fonda and vicinity for two years and at the close, he said, “I do not know of but one person that has given evidence of a new birth since I began my missionary labors.”  It is hard to believe that he is the same A.E. Earle that James Beller writes of in his account.  Earle was born in 1812 in Charlton, N.Y.  He was converted at the age of 16 and began preaching at age 18.  He was ordained at Amsterdam, N.Y. at age 21 where he was pastor for five years, and then resigned to enter the field of evangelism.  For 58 years he held revivals, city-wide campaigns, and protracted meetings in every state of the Union and Canada.  It is estimated that he conducted 1,000 protracted meetings, and traveled over 350,000 miles.  He had nearly 160,000 conversions, and 400 called to the Gospel ministry.  Earle also was the author of several books.  He died at Newton, Mass., on Mar. 30, 1895, at the age of 83.

Dr. Greg J. Dixon, adapted from: This Day in Baptist History III (David L. Cummins), pp. 184-86.


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I am posting this preachers work. I think it is good.
Dose of Reality by Joseph Harris               Number 231
Comments on Current Events in Government, Religion, Culture, and the Family, from a Conservative Biblical Perspective

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What Exploded?Shades of Carl Sagan! The master storytellers just keep on spinning their yarns. Now “Ida”, the missing link has been found, according to a National Geographic News story on nationalgeographic.com.  Notice examples of the unsure language found throughout the article: “missing link” (they placed it in quotations marks), “suggests”, “the closest thing”, “lemur-like skeleton”, “primate-like”, “looks like”, “big gap”, “unsure”.  Also, there are some unsure sentences in the article.  One thing is for sure: they do not sound very sure about this new discovery.  By the way, there is a reason the missing link has not been found: you can’t find what doesn’t exist.  All this reminds me of the big bang theory with its “Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away . . .,” beginning.  We have heard again and again the tired old tale of everything being created by a huge explosion about 13 to 14 billion years ago. And it’s presented as unchallenged truth. I have always liked science fiction, but please: Darth Vader and Mr. Spock sound more believable than the big bang THEORY.

Several years ago, scientists found “evidence” of when starlight first penetrated the jet black darkness of the lifeless universe billions of years ago. By looking through their super telescopes, they can see time as it was billions of years ago in light years. Notice how they throw “millions” and “billions” of years around, as if they were talking about minutes. Never mind solid, empirical evidence. You are just supposed to believe their words because their answer to the origin of the universe has GOT to be truth. Case closed.  Why?  Because they are scientists and are therefore, infallible.

Science insists on empirical evidence for everything, except when certain scientists want to pick and choose. Empirical means observable, or in layman’s terms, it can be reproduced before the eyes. Sounds like that leaves out the big bang THEORY and the human evolution THEORY, for starters.

Robert Becker, a professor of physics at UC Davis, was once quoted as saying in the Associated Press, “It took a long time for gravity to get its act together and start clumping the gas together . . .” and he was talking about the formation of stars. Notice, he almost personifies gravity with intellect and volition, and the ability to create. If only Robert would keep searching, he might reach the God of gravity, and hit pay dirt.

I think the most unanswerable and important question in the big bang THEORY is: What Exploded? Logic demands an answer to this question of: “If something exploded, what was it that exploded?” Maybe more importantly, where did it come from? The big bang doesn’t answer the question of origin. It simply does, as the book of Genesis, make an emphatic statement of existence. “In the beginning GOD . . ..” I am honest enough to admit that both the Genesis account and the big bang THEORY require faith, but at least Genesis names GOD as the first cause and admits faith is necessary, whereas the big bang just leaves you hanging.


Genesis 1:1 J

oseph Harris is the Vice President of Southeastern Baptist College in Laurel, MS. (This article may be reprinted in whole, as long as the name Joseph Harris and http://www.miniedition.net also appear). To receive or discontinue Dose of Reality, email joharris@comcast.net with ADD or REMOVE Forward this Edition to a Friend. The writings of Joseph Harris are based on his beliefs and views and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs and views of Southeastern Baptist College.

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