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MARCH 25 – Fear changes People

MARCH 25 – Fear changes People

Est 8:17  And in every province, and in every city, whithersoever the king’s commandment and his decree came, the Jews had joy and gladness, a feast and a good day. And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them. 

What a time to be alive and living in Persia and Media. A time when the people of God were hated with a vengeance. A time where the God of the Jews was hated with great a passion. Esther would not reveal that she was a Jew to the King. He ended up marrying a Jew girl and it was by the great providence of God.

Persecution of God’s people is not new. It has been happening for a long time. The evilness that man has hates the authority of God. The King had John the Baptist head lifted by the influence of a pagan girl and a hateful mother and wife. John was ushered into paradise to wait three years for our Savior to descend and lift him into heaven and the presence of God. For John the Baptist this was not defeat, this was victory. His work was done.

Paul persecuted the church by throwing them in jail and killing them. He stood and held the coats of the ones that stoned Stephen to death and was on his way to kill more when the Lord struck him with a conviction that called for repentance. He was so faithful after being transformed that he became a missionary and suffered many things for Christ. I am reminded that he was stoned and left for dead. He revived and continued the work he was called to do. Suffering for Christ is a privilege that some never get to enjoy. Because they do not have the joy of suffering, they seldom find the sublime joy of showing one that is lost how to be saved. They seldom point the way to the cross.

A Jewish maid in the hands of God faced all these things and was at the place to help her people, the Jews to defend themselves and show the people that assailed the Jews, the fear of God. Notice what is said – “And many of the people of the land became Jews; for the fear of the Jews fell upon them.

God can put you in the place to be a great influence. You might experience some trials and tribulations but is worth it. You are needed, “for such a time as this.”

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Esther’s Song

Esther was a Jew girl,

she learned her lessons well

with cousin Mordecai she did dwell

She learned lessons of virtue

and they served her well

into the castle she was propelled

Ugly Mr. Haman with pride did swell

and wanted to kill God’s people

God’s word does tell

God’s plan is not thwarted

can’t you tell

He had a virtuous maiden that heard so well

She saved God’s chosen people

by planning well

She’s honored as a heroine Jews do tell.

And for such a time as this as this

I was raised for a time such as this

And if I Perish, I Perish for God

For such a time as this!


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Bridges for Peace – Feb. 26, 2010 — Celebrated on the Hebrew month of Adar 14 and 15 (February 28–March 1, this year), Purim is a fun holiday to remember the events from the book of Esther. The book of Esther, called “megila” Esther, is read aloud in the synagogues. Every time the name Haman is read, the entire congregation makes loud noises to drown out the sound of his name. They boo, hiss, and shake noise-makers called “rashanim.” Every time the name Mordechai is read, they cheer loudly. When Esther’s name is read, everyone sighs sweetly with an “ahhh.”

Many costume parties are held, with outlandish costumes being the norm. In Israel , children (often religious) dress up in costumes not seen elsewhere, such as Torah (Gen.–Deut.) scrolls and high priests. The fast of Esther is observed by many. This year it was held early, on Thursday, February 25, so the fast would not land on Shabbat (Sabbath or Saturday).

Israel has had many “Hamans” to deal with throughout the generations since the time of Esther. Today, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who comes from the same general region of biblical Haman, seems to fulfill that role in the minds of many people, but he is not the only one who wishes to destroy Israel . Therefore, we still need “Esthers” who will intercede for Israel “for such a time as this.”
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