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“Amazing Grace how sweet the sound”
Jan. 22, 1949, was the wedding date for Dr. and Mrs. E. Robert Jordan.  From the entry of Jan. 19, you will remember that it was the date of his conversion to Christ.  A young sailor named Tim, had accompanied the Naval Chief his drinking bouts as he made his rounds to the bars and night clubs, he didn’t drink, but would patiently take the abuse that Robert would heap upon him.  After getting busted in Bermuda and spending a night in jail, Tim gave Robert his preacher brothers card and told him that if he was ever in Atlantic City to “look him up.”  When their ship docked, Robert did just that, and knocked around mid-night, and told Frank that his brother Tim had told him to come and see him.  Frank immediately began to witness to him by giving him the plan of salvation.  Night after night, for food and explanation of the scriptures Robert would return.  Finally he went to evangelistic services at Frank’s church and became angry because he thought that Frank had told the preacher about his drinking, cursing, and gambling.  Finally under great conviction the Pastor led him to Christ in his study, along with Tim, who realized that though a cleaner sinner than Robert, he had never really been saved.  Robert returned to his ship at 4:30 am, awakened his men and told them how he was gloriously saved.  The next Sat. he went to the Mission and preached and saw 16 men receive Christ.  Robert completed Bible College, pastored the Calvary Baptist Church in Lansdale, PA for fifty years, helped in starting 100 churches; and founded the Calvary Baptist Seminary.  Amazing Grace how sweet the sound,
Dr. Greg J. Dixon from: This Day in Baptist History Vol. IIII: Cummins, pp. 45-47.

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