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Transgenderism, Transracialism, and Now………Transeconomics

June 15, 2015    Dose of Reality    by Joseph Harris       Number 319                                                          

Comments on Current Events in Government, Religion, Culture, and the Family, from a Conservative Biblical Perspective

Transgenderism, Transracialism, and Now………Transeconomics

Transgendered people claim to be the opposite gender trapped in the wrong body, such as a man trapped in a woman’s body or a woman trapped in a man’s body. When asked who trapped them, they quickly say, “God, and he made a mistake.” Strange, but some who would eagerly deny the existence of God suddenly become all too willing to accept the existence of God. This week in the news, there is a case of transracialism or a black woman trapped in a white woman’s body. Even though both of her parents are unquestionably caucasian, she now claims to be black. According to today’s “experts”, whether the issue is transgender or transracial, the individual just simply has to believe they are whatever they want to be, regardless of birth, history, heritage, DNA and other messy facts. Just make a few physical changes, and Shazzam, a transformation occurs.

Finally, the time has arrived that I can come out. That’s right, I have a trans secret. I’m not joking, this is serious business. The power of the mind is awesome, and now, backed by an insane society, led by an ever willing media, the power to be whatever you want to be has expanded with no boundaries. Just wish it, think it, or demand it to be so, and it is.

Here it is: I am a wealthy person trapped in a poor person’s body with a poor person’s identity. However, my recent experiment in transeconomics did not work and no one is sympathetic to my cause. I wrote a check for a purchase totaling over $10,000 and my narrow minded bank says I am overdrawn. Well, I beg your pardon, but I say that there is over $20,000 in my account. I want it to be true, I believe it to be true and I demand it to be so, therefore it is. For good measure, a little “surgery” on their books from their end would validate my claim. Yet everyone I have spoken to is bigoted, narrow minded, hateful, and they look at me like I am crazy. Forget truth, reality, deposit slips, and good accounting procedures; I demand my bank accept my reality. After all since truth is no longer absolute and relativism now reigns, one person’s reality is as good as the reality of anyone else. I may have been born poor and lived my life poor, but now I have decided to be wealthy. Where is MSNBC, ABC, CNN, and all the other XYZ’s when I need them? This is a personal crisis and I DEMAND to be heard and validated. I will not accept all the hate speech coming my way. I am wealthy; hear me roar!

And if this doesn’t work, I can always say I am a Chinese man trapped in a Caucasian body. It must be so; I love Chinese food.

Dose of Reality is written by Joseph Harris and the content sometimes contains sarcasm and humor for emphasis of truth.

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