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Cast Your Burden  



Psalm 55:22

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved,” Psalm 55:22.


I am a fixer. I want to be in control and I want solutions to be in my hands. If I was on an airplane that lost the pilot and they needed someone to bring the plane down safely, I would want to be that guy! I do not want my life in the hands of someone else, I trust me!

So, because of this, I tend to be a little slow when it comes to casting off my burdens. I do not cast them on anyone else, I just try to carry and compartmentalize them myself, usually without success.

It is easy for us to forget that we have a God that is in the burden relieving business. Not only will He take our burdens, but also He wants to take our burdens.

In today’s passage David, through song, reminds us of this truth. This psalm specifically speaks of the burden of dealing with our enemies, but the Bible is clear that the Lord wants all of our burdens.

What will you do with your burdens? Are you guilty of holding on to your burdens? Do you try to cast your burdens upon excuses or the shoulders of others? Let this song be a reminder that the place for our burdens is on the Lord.




Do you have something that hinders you from casting your burdens on the Lord?

Nathan Rogers

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108 – April 18 – This Day in Baptist History Past


A Teenager in Prison


Andrei Yudintsev, teenager in the Russian gulag, was eighteen when he and his friend, Vladimir Timchuk, were arrested during the Thanksgiving service at their Baptist church.  The lads thought they might spend a short time in the local jail or be fined, but soon they discovered they were going to be “tried” and a mandatory “guilty” finding would confine them for years in prison.  They were given prison terms of three and a half years.  Following a brief incarceration in the local prison, the two were transported to different prison camps.  On April 18, 1982, Andrei arrived in his camp where he worked as a welder.  For two years, he had no Christian fellowship, but one day he was told that a fellow believer had been brought in.  He rejoiced to meet Pavel Zinchenko and to discover that they had many mutual friends.  The men continually encouraged each other which made the burdens of prison almost tolerable.  In the course of time, a third believer, Vladimir Blasenko from Nikolaev, was also transferred into their camp. Vladimir had suffered severely for his faith, but his captors could not break his spirit. Valdimir was thrilled to discover that Andrei and Pavel had a New Testament, and he read late into the nights.  Andrei reported:  “At first it might seem that this was a waste of my youth, but when it was over, nothing remained except gratitude to the Lord and gladness.  David says in Psalm 33, ‘For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His holy Name.’”


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