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William Carey


William Carey
He couldn’t say No!
1801 – On this day William Carey, known as “the Father of Modern Missions”, was asked to be the professor of Bengali in the new College.   Carey, having never attended college, questioned whether he could produce in the classroom.  But this modest, unassuming man did produce, twenty-one of his first forty-five students rose to be judges and other held leading positions in the government.  Again we see Rom. 8:28 at work for this also gave stability for Carey, Marshman and Boardman’s work at the mission.  They say that Carey was not a genius but what would one have to do to be a genius.  He only spoke at least seventeen languages, mastered numerous Indian languages, preached in the vernacular, was an active personal soul winner, and participated in establishing twenty churches and mission stations in India by 1814.  Considering the fact that they arrived there in 1793, one of his sons died of dysentery, his wife had a nervous breakdown, and he had to work to support his family, surely all would agree that he should have nothing to apologize for.  This is all the more evidence of his testimony that when asked to describe himself, he referred to himself as a plodder by saying to his nephew Eustace, “I can plod.”  He told Rev. Swan of the Cannon Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, England, “I never could say —-‘No’.
Dr. Greg J. Dixon, from: This Day in Baptist History Vol. I: Cummins/Thompson /, pp. 143.
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