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A Missionary Statesman
The Donnelsons, Fred and Effie after their second furlough and regaining strength, were able to return to Shanghai, China, where they had served in a long and blessed ministry. They returned to the Shanghai Baptist Tabernacle, and it was even possible for their son Paul and his wife to join them.  They began a radio ministry, and the church grew rapidly. The furlough had come after the Donnelsons had been interned in a prison camp for many months with some professionals and other missionaries at great suffering because of the Japanese invasion of China.  They were finally repatriated through diplomatic efforts and returned on the Gripsholm.
After their return to China the Communists began driving into south China and at the last minute, in 1949, at the insistence of their congregation they evacuated. This would be the last time they would see their adopted land, but God was not done with His servant.
In time Fred Donnelson became known as Mr. Missions as the Baptist Bible Fellowship split from the World Fundamental Baptist Missionary Fellowship in 1950. He saw the Fellowship grow from fewer than twenty missionaries serving on four fields to over 300 on twenty-six fields.  But the years have a way of catching up with all earthlings, and in 1968 Dr. Fred Donnelson stepped down from the role in which God had so used him.  His influence surely did not cease, for he continued to speak in Christian colleges and churches urging young people to consider preaching the Gospel where Christ is not known.
On February 9, 1974, the Lord saw fit to call His servant home.
Dr. Dale R. Hart, adapted from:  This Day in Baptist History III (David L. Cummins), pp. 81-82.

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