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The Kind of Christian I Am!




William Andrew Dillard

The Kind of Christian I Am!
An interesting comment was made in my presence many years ago. My friend who was vice-president of a major bank at the time, related in the course of conversation that a teller requested a raise in pay. When asked to justify the action, the teller replied that she deserved it because she now has ten years of experience. Whereupon the vice-president retorted that he could understand that from her viewpoint, but that she must understand that from the bank’s viewpoint she did not have ten years of experience, rather she had one year of experience ten times.
Pondering that conversation for many years, it has become painfully clear that this is the case of way too many members of the Lord’s churches everywhere. Some are quite proud of their longevity of membership, and perhaps faithfulness in attendance. While these things are to be appreciated, it is not a point of honor and glory for church members to have less than one year’s experience forty times or more. It is easy for one to get the distinct impression that a lot of church folk see the Christian life as static. They have been saved, baptized, and admitted to the membership of a New Testament Church. With those things in place, they feel that they are to mark time until Jesus comes. But, those things are NOT to be catapults into a static position. Rather, they are foundational to massive growth in knowledge and grace in what the spiritual work of the church is about, and in personal preparation to rule and reign with Christ in the age that is about to happen.
So, in listening to others, and in private experience, learn to pray! Discover the contents of the blessed Book which is the only thing in this world that will survive and be in primary play in eternity. The truly important thing in life is what one believes, and one cannot believe what he does not know. Therefore all of God’s people should be in hot pursuit of knowledge, intensifying faith, with the accompanying peace and joy of understanding and wisdom. The personal question: “what have I learned in the last few years?” is important. 2 Peter 3:18 admonishes us all: “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…”
How sad it will be for some who will fail to impress the Lord with their long, static position to hear Him say, “My child you have one year of experience forty times.” I have no bragging room or rights, nor are they sought, but I am still learning because that is the kind of Christian I am.



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Rev. Larkin always exhibited a gracious spirit.
Clarence Larkin died on Jan. 24, 1924 at age 74.  He was born on Oct. 28, 1850 in Chester, PA.  He was converted to Christ at age 19 and became a member of the Episcopal church.  Knowing that his sins were forgiven, he desired immediately to preach but it was a few years before he left employment at a bank and entered college.   He had a methodical mind, and graduated as a mechanical engineer and later became a teacher of the blind.  As an engineer and a teacher of the blind, the Lord was preparing him for his life’s work of organizing the scriptures into visual charts on prophecy and doctrine that people were able to understand clearly the great truths of God’s Word.  At 32 he was immersed and united with a Baptist church.  Two years later he was ordained.  He became pastor of the Baptist church in Kennett Square, PA.  His second church was at Fox Chase, PA where he remained for twenty years.  At the time of his ordination Larkin was not a pre-millennialist, but as he studied the scriptures literally he was forced to come to that conclusion.  For years the postmillennialists had taught that the world was getting better and better, and that the church would convert the world and Christ would then return.  Rev. Larkin made huge wall charts describing his views on this subject and great numbers would come to hear him present these prophetic truths.  He reduced his teachings to Dispensational Truth (or God’s Plan in the Ages), which was his crowning work.  The Book of Daniel, The Spirit World, and The Second Coming.  Often it has been said that one can be dispensationally correct while being dispositionally mean spirited.  Those who knew him best reported that Rev. Larkin always exhibited a gracious spirit.
Dr. Greg J. Dixon from: This Day in Baptist History Vol. IIII: Cummins, pp. 49-51.

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