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Abraham’s Faith


Genesis 15:6


“And he believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness,” Genesis 15:6.


Abraham’s faith was not a passive, motionless faith, it was constantly in motion. Abraham believed in God and he believed God. When God told him to pack his bags and leave the country he knew for an unknown country, Abraham did it. He did not fight with God, He did not drag his feet or slack in any way. He packed up and headed out.


Why do we lack faith in the promises of God? The Bible has the answer. “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:18, 20, 26). Had Abraham believed that God would make him a great nation and, yet, kept sitting in Haran, his inactivity would have exhibited his faith. Oh, how our churches and mission developments lack the faith of Abraham as evidenced by excessive amounts of money drawing interest in bank accounts, churchless communities and missionaries struggling to get needed funds. Large bank accounts do not demonstrate faith, rather the lack of it. Remember the Lord and the talents? (Matt. 25:14-30).


God tells us to go and to grow and yet, too often we sit idly by doing nothing but talking about what we should do, not acting in faith. Sadly, when Christ returns, He will find many church pews empty but their bank accounts full. God wants us to follow Him.To do this, we must put feet to the ground and depend on Him. He will bless our faith in Him and count it as righteous.





By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went (Heb. 11:8).



Beverly Barnett


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