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1777 – DUTCH SCHOLARS AT THE REQUEST OF THE KING ESTABLISH APOSTOLIC SUCCESSION OF BAPTISTS IN THE 19TH CENTURY – Isaac Johannes Dermout was born on January 31, 1777. Mr. Dermout was one of two Dutch scholars, Dr. Anne Ypeij being the other that the king of the Netherlands commissioned to investigate the claim of Dutch Baptists to an apostolic origin. Ypeij was the chaplain to the king and Professor of Theology in Gronigen. The results of their research is found in a book in the Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI. It is entitled, Geschiedeins der Nederlandsche Hervormde Kerk. It says: “We have now seen that the Baptists who were formerly called Anabaptists, and in later times Mennonites, were the original Waldenses, who have long in the history of the church have received the honor of that origin. On this account the Baptists may be considered as the only Christian community which has stood since the days of the apostles, and as a Christian society which has preserved pure the doctrine of the gospel through all ages…” (The statement continues on pg. 42). Baptists have always taken the position that a Baptist by any other name is never the less a Baptist.
Dr. Greg J. Dixon; adapted from:  Day in Baptist History Vol. I: Cummins Thompson/   pg. 41.

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