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William Andrew Dillard
Parson to Person

The depths of depravity in modern man has not achieved a new, low state. Quite the contrary! the depravity of man is complete, and has been since Adam & Eve’s fall. One example of it is late term abortions. They have been around for millenniums, but in a more crude fashion, and just as cruel. God used it to depict the awful, spiritual and moral state of Jerusalem as spoken through the prophet Ezekiel, a contemporary with Daniel. The entire sixteenth chapter of Ezekiel lays it all out in grisly detail.
Jerusalem (City of Peace) had been the object of the tender love and mercies of the Lord including abundant material blessings, but they forsook His ways and denying His blessings upon them, they sunk into the depths of sin in turning away from the holy commandments delivered to them. Wallowing in the fleshly sins of false religion and corrupt morals, God cut them down to size in what must be the most castigating message ever recorded.
Ezekiel begins the message: “Again the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Son of man, cause Jerusalem to know her abominations, and say, Thus saith the Lord God unto Jerusalem; thy birth and thy nativity is of the land of Canaan; thy father was an Amorite, and thy mother an Hittite [all heathen descendants of Ham]. And as for thy nativity, in the day thou wast born thy navel was not cut, neither wast thou washed in water to supple thee; thou was not salted at all, nor swaddled at all. None eye pitied thee, to do any of these unto thee, to have compassion upon thee; but thou was cast out in the open field, to the loathing of thy person, in the day that thou wast born. And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou was in thy blood, Live: yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live.” Here then is a graphic picture of the reality of sin, and its mocking lack of compassion upon all of the offspring of Adam. Here also is the marvelous grace of the Creator-God of Love. By His mercies are His children blessed.
The question remains to each of us as to how we appreciate those blessings and what we are doing to honor our Life-giving, merciful, altogether wonderful, Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. Each of us should do a reality check often! But for the loving mercies and grace of the Lord we should be nothing more than late term abortions cast into a field.

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Ignorance Of Scripture Could Be Hazardous To Your Liberty

There is a profound ignorance of Scripture among so-called “Christians.”

Ignorance Of Scripture Could Be Hazardous To Your Liberty


By Francis J. Manion, ACLJ

On October 1st, I had the privilege of defending Mr. George Krail, of Burlington County, New Jersey in a trial in Cherry Hill New Jersey Municipal Court. Cherry Hill, a prosperous stretch of post-World War II suburban sprawl that buried the once blooming orchards of South Jersey beneath miles of asphalt and shopping malls, hosts not one, but two, thriving abortion businesses.  At the Cherry Hill Women’s Center unborn babies up to six-months’ gestation are slaughtered at a breathtaking clip. The Center was the site of thefirst Operation Rescue sit-in back in 1987, and more recently was the location of the notorious viral video by a young actress (an employee of the Women’s Center) who filmed and posted on the web her own abortion. Not surprisingly, then, the place has been a focus of protestors, sidewalk counselors, and prolife activists of all kinds for three decades now.

One of the most faithful of those folks has been George Krail. George, along with his equally zealous wife, Tina, has long been a fixture on the sidewalks surrounding the Women’s Center. A self-described “outlaw biker for Jesus,” George looks like what John the Baptist would have looked like if John the Baptist had worn a leather vest and denim instead of a leather belt and camel’s hair. And while George’s message to the patients entering the Center has always been one of compassion – he and his wife have sheltered in their home literally dozens of frightened, abused, desperate women who were about to have abortions – his message to the abortionists and their henchpersons has always been full bore, all-out John the Baptist. “I tell them they need to repent,” Krail says. “I give them the whole Gospel, not just the nice parts; that God hates the shedding of innocent blood, that Jesus said it would be better to have a millstone put around your neck and be thrown into the ocean than to harm one of His little ones.”

It’s true that not all prolifers necessarily care for George’s approach.  But it’s hard for anybody to argue with his, and Tina’s, record of saving women and their babies from the abortionist’s grasp. I myself once held in my arms one such baby saved by George and Tina’s “whole Gospel” approach, while I argued to a municipal court judge that – given the very tangible (and very squirming) results – the court should forgive the Krails their trespasses at least that one time.

This week’s case involved a charge of “harassment” brought against George by the Director of the Cherry Hill Women’s Center. Among other things, the case illustrated one of the dangers Christians in this country face living in a decidedly post-Christian world, a world that daily loses touch with even a semblance of connection to the Christian roots of Western culture. There was a time in this country when people of all religions, or no religion, were at least familiar with and had some vague notion of the Biblical origin of phrases like “the blind leading the blind,” “a house divided against itself,”  “casting your pearls before swine,” “all things to all men,” and dozens of others. But no more.

So when George Krail, in April of this year, stood outside the Cherry Hill slaughterhouse and yelled in the direction of the Director that “Jesus said, anyone who harms one of these little ones would be better off having a millstone placed around his neck and being thrown into the sea,” he found himself facing a charge of criminal harassment for threatening tohang the Director and dump her body in the Atlantic ocean!

Now, there are plenty of legal arguments, constitutional and otherwise that we are making in answer to this ludicrous charge, arguments the court reserved decision on following yesterday’s trial. (The judge asked the parties to submit further written arguments, after which the he will issue a decision.) But what particularly struck me during the trial was just how profound has become the disconnect between the average American and familiar Biblical allusions that used to be part and parcel of a common cultural matrix. The judge himself expressed surprise to hear Krail testify that the phrase about millstones and harming little ones and being thrown into the sea was actually from the Bible. Likewise the prosecutor and, obviously, the Complainant herself. The good news is that the judge seemed receptive to our argument that, in all likelihood, what happened here was that the Complainant simply misunderstood George’s quotation of Scripture and, being completely unfamiliar with the source, misconstrued it into a literal threat to her immediate safety. Krail might just as well have been speaking Martian.

The great translator of Scripture, St. Jerome, once wrote that “ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.” But Christians, beware! As this Krail case shows, the ignorance of Scripture that now pervades our post-Christian world could also be hazardous to your liberty.

Francis J. ManionFrancis J. Manion is Senior Counsel with the ACLJ who emphasizes First Amendment law and pro-life legal matters before state and federal courts. A 1980 graduate of Seton Hall School of Law, Manion honed his litigation skills with more than 15 years of experience as a trial attorney in private law firms where he served as trial counsel on behalf of pro-life demonstrators. He joined the ACLJ in 1996 and emphasizes protecting constitutional rights in the public school, the work environment, and the public arena. Manion also emphasizes defending the public displays of the Ten Commandments and other historic displays that are part of our nation’s heritage. He also focuses on safeguarding the rights of medical personnel who are often required by employers to violate their consciences and religious beliefs by participating in pregnancy-ending procedures.


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This 12-Year-Old’s Speech on Abortion Was Banned—Until Her Teacher Actually Heard It – FaithIt.com

This 12-Year-Old’s Speech on Abortion Was Banned—Until Her Teacher Actually Heard It – FaithIt.com.


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The Kind of Christian I Am!




By – William Andrew Dillard


Various media emit a virtual flood of vile information every day about the sins running rampant in this generation. It is not that they are new, quite the contrary, they are almost as old as mankind. But they are multiplied thousands of times over in number and intensity as the age draws to a close. Moreover, the commonality of them all is summed up as “It’s all about me.” Think with me about this!
One predominating problem is abortion. Why does it exist? It is all about me: what I want, and I will murder to get it! Another is sexual perversion. Homos want acceptation in society the same as hetero-sexual folks. Moreover, men want to become women, and women want to become men. Women want to mate with women, and men want to mate with men. In Disney terms: when Mickey prefers Donald over Minnie, that’s Goofy! Why is this? It is all about me! Still another is the abandonment of responsibility. Whatever may happen, it is somebody else’s fault. Families are abandoned; little children left to whomever may have a heart of compassion. Why? It is all about me!
The list goes on. There is addiction to alcohol and various other drugs. People will lie, steal, and even kill to get a temporary high from their drug of choice. Why? It is all about me! Then enter the quest for material success. Nothing, but nothing must get in the way of material success. It does not matter who is hurt, stepped on, abandoned or thrown overboard. It is all about me! Oh, how about political socialism? As the government dismantles traditional America, masses applaud at the prospect of skimming off the cream of the labors of others as a supposed right. It does not matter if what I have is a tort from those who have prepared themselves and labored hard for what they have. I want it! Give it to me, and I will vote for you! Why is this? It is simple. It is all about me!
Enter the world of religion. “The teachings of that book called the Bible are just too harsh. It makes me feel bad. It cramps my style. I want a religion that relates to me in my selfish, sinful pursuits. I will take such a religion if it suits me, or leave it if it doesn’t. After all, it’s all about me!”
Well, this is the world today. But it is not new. It all happened before in the days of Noah, and to that totally corrupt society the world is destined to return because it wants a world devoid of the righteous, Creator God. It is by His grace that they shall have it for a short time, but their arrogant selfishness shall soon turn to cries for rocks of the mountains to fall upon them and hide them from the face of Him who comes. Rev. 6:15-16. I believe all men should understand this and prepare for their meeting with God by living accordingly because that is the kind of Christian I am!



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State Bill Makes Abortion ‘Class 3 Felony’


A Bill that makes sense and is true to the Word of God. Pray that this bill passes.


In a move that has stunned abortion-rights advocates who pushed through a repeal of state criminal penalties last year, Colorado lawmakers have proposed a bill that “prohibits abortion and makes a violation a class 3 felony.”

HB 1133, sponsored by Republican Steve Humphrey of Severance, Colo., is a response to a move last year that critics said would make the state friendly to abortionists like Kermit Gosnell. The Philadelphia abortionist was convicted of killing infants after they had been born, mostly by using a scissors to snip their spinal cords.

Led by a Democrat-majority legislature, Democrat governor and Barack Obama’s agenda, the state surged left on several issues, including abortion. Last year, Democrats passed a bill supported by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, repealed criminal abortion statutes.

I ran as a pro-life candidate and this is an issue that is important to my constituents,” Humphrey explained as he introduced the abortion-ban bill Thursday.

I realize this is an emotional issue and my intent is not to rub someone’s nose in the issue, but when we’re talking about protecting human life this is a discussion we need to have,” he said.

Christy Rodriguez, executive director of Colorado Campaign for Life, said the left has made Colorado “a Kermit Gosnell-friendly state and we have to do something about it.”

Humphrey’s bill includes an exception for a doctor who accidentally causes the death of an unborn child while treating the mother. It also specifies that contraception is not illegal and states a pregnant mother is not subject to a criminal penalty.

See the film about the arguments that one day could be used to overturn Roe v. Wade, in “Come What May.”

The bill, which is supported by numerous other representatives, intends “to make the practice of abortion illegal in the state of Colorado” and to repeal all current laws and statutes that relate to abortion in the state.

While the Democrats hold a majority in the legislature, their margin in the Senate is a single seat. After last year’s session, voters recalled two Democrats for their support of stringent gun-control legislation and replaced them with Republicans.

A third Democrat lawmaker was forced to resign under the threat of a third recall campaign. If ex-Sen. Evie Hudak of Westminster had allowed the recall vote to run its course, she also could have been replaced by a Republican, which would have given the GOP a majority in the Senate.

Democrat Gov. John  Hickenlooper also is facing a tough re-election campaign this year.

The new bill is not limited to doctors and health care providers who perform abortions. It also provides criminal penalties for individuals who harm a woman with the intent to terminate a pregnancy. Additionally, a person driving a bicycle, low-power scooter, electric-assisted bicycle or motor vehicle in a reckless manner that results in the termination of a pregnancy could also be prosecuted under the legislation.

Pro-abortion groups already are up in arms about the bill.

This bill could result in jailing doctors. A Class 3 felony is a minimum 4-12 year sentence,” said Karen Middleton with NARAL Pro-choice Colorado. “This bill is an insult to Colorado women and Colorado physicians, and out of touch with Colorado voters.”

Rodriguez’ response?

Let them rage. Right now we have unprecedented support by Colorado legislators for unborn babies,” she said.

We’re going straight to these politicians on this issue. It is very clear that this current legislature ignores what voters want,” Rodriguez said. “Since we have had Democrat gun-grabbers recalled, this is now time to find out who our pro-life friends are and who the pro-abortion people are, and that goes on both sides of the aisle.

This clears up who those who are truly pro-life from those who merely pretend to be. We need to know this as a party so we can put genuine pro-lifers in charge.”

Rodriguez said that if Democrats are upset about the bill, they have only themselves to blame.

Democrats also pursued a series of new restrictions on the Second Amendment last year. Passage of the laws drew a lawsuit from the sheriffs in the state and prompted at least one major weapons-parts manufacturer to move operations to a friendlier state.

Rodriguez said she personally knows the horror of having an abortion.

I was one of those desperate women. Years ago I [had] an abortion in New York in downtown Manhattan. I know what it is like to be treated like cattle in an abortion mill,” Rodriguez said. “I also know coming through an abortion is one of the saddest and intense issues a woman has to go through. I have to live with the thought of knowing I killed another human being.”

Democrats in Colorado so far have stayed the course on their pro-abortion agenda, but the specter of more recall campaigns looms.

Rep. Lori Saine, R-Dacono, one of the new bill’s co-sponsors, says it provides protection for the liberty of everyone as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence.

I want to commend Rep. Humphrey for being a true pro-life champion and recognizing that all life is precious at all stages,” Saine said. “This provides the ultimate right to liberty to those who are the most vulnerable in our population. Without a right to life you can have no other rights including the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

The abortion advocates will not find the wording of the proposal reassuring.

It is the intent of the general assembly to make the practice of abortion illegal in the state of Colorado,” the bill explains.

It sets out the requirements: “A person shall not knowingly administer to, prescribe for, procure for, or sell to a pregnant mother any medicine, drug, or other substance with the specific intent of causing or abetting the termination of the life of an unborn human being. A person shall not knowingly use or employ any instrument or procedure upon a pregnant mother with the specific intent of causing or abetting the termination of the life of an unborn human being.

A violation of this section is a class 3 felony.”

It also specifies physicians who are a convicted also are determined to have committed unprofessional conduct.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/state-bill-makes-abortion-class-3-felony/#edDwtD4Ib1w1kqKf.99

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Mother’s Inspiring Video About her Blind Baby Boy

Mother's Inspiring Video About her Blind Baby Boy.

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“Providence has given to our people the choice
of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well
as the privilege and interest of our Christian
nation to select and prefer Christians for
their rulers.” – John Jay

This flies in the face of so many today that believe it might be economy or social issues
where we need to make decisions. There are those “Christians” that see a label
of religion and decisions are made upon the label. The true test for one that
claims to be a child of God and faithful to the word is their stand on
abortion and homosexuality. These are very well covered in the
Word of God. Why not base our decisions upon these to
doctrines as stated by the Word of God.
It is a better measurement of
the relationship one has
with God than most
any other except,
Is Christ your

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