This is a place of truth. The scripture is very plain in many places but yet many are mistaken by not applying basic rules of interpretation. Throughout this blog will be statements of doctrine supported by scripture. These doctrines have caused the martyrdom of many of our forefathers who were persecuted by many false christian religions. They were burned at the stake, beheaded, pulled apart by horses and skinned alive by people that hated them. The reason being that they taught baptism was immersion of one that had believed in Jesus Christ as Savior. The infant sprinklers hated this and therefore persecuted those that re-baptized. We are still here and we are still preaching the Bible truths taught by Jesus and the apostles. Jesus promise that the gates of hell would not prevail against His Church bears testimony to His truths.

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  1. Joe Caples

    Very good looking site! I will spend some time here!

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  2. How very true! Thanks for sharing with us the great truths of God’s Word.

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  3. Ada

    Ooooh, are we getting into Anabaptists? I’ve received a modern version of “Martyrs’ Mirrors” (I wanted the original, but…) and it is amazing how God’s people have been given strength!
    I also like how you said “supported by scripture.” Bless your heart!

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  4. Much appreciated reading in this site I found today chasing a Google on J.R. Graves. I especially liked what’s said at bottom about “the buffet line of the Bible.” It reminded me of a bit from a book that got me started as a Baptist too many years ago. God bless.
    “I find many who think there is a sliding scale of worship and service which every man may adjust to his own conditions. Not long ago, I found a man who thought that part of the Bible taught Missionary Baptist doctrine, while other parts taught Methodist doctrine, and yet other parts taught Campbellite doctrine and on and on through the various catalogue of different doctrines. To him the Word of God was just like a Piggly-Wiggly store. Each man could go to the Bible and take what he wanted and leave the rest for others to take. I have seen men proceed upon this line in a debate. Instead of taking up the argument of their opponent and showing where he had made a wrong application they present an opposing line of argument. The Word of God does not teach different systems of doctrine opposing to one another. Rightly divided, the Bible will harmonize. Any system of doctrine that cannot be harmonized with the rest of the Word of God is false and should be avoided.” – From IS THERE A DIFFERENCE IN THE CHURCHES by G. E. Jones.

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  5. If we are not preaching Jesus Christ and him Crussefied let him be accursed.


  6. Looking forward to reading your posts. I like your Home page. Yes, we need to rightly divide the Word of truth.

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  7. The truth will certainly set us free….looking forward.


  8. Very true. God knows you and me better than we even know ourselves.


  9. Equipping

    I also write the UTLOT blog. Thanks for be so kind as to follow my blog. Please keep up your good work.


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