Boomers and Lyrics

Jim Harris

Someone thought that since all of us baby boomers are getting older we need to update the lyrics of some of the songs we used to listen to. They suggested:

First there’s Herman’s Hermits singing, “Mrs. Brown, You’ve got a lovely walker.”

Next, hear the aging Beatles Paul and Ringo singing, “I get by with a little help from Depends.”

Don’t miss the Bee Gees singing, “How can you mend a broken hip?”

And you’ve got to hear Paul Simon singing, “50 Ways to Lose your Liver.”

And who can forget Helen Reddy singing, “I am Woman, hear me snore.”

And the Scandinavian group Abba will have us rocking out to their new song, “Denture Queen.”

And finally, Jerry Lee Lewis singing “A whole lot of Aching going on!”

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