Observations; Matthew chapter 9

A thing or two that I noticed in this chapter is in verse 18.This is where a ruler came to Jesus and worshiped him and ask Jesus to come and lay his hand upon his daughter so that she might live.

Matt. 9:18 – “lay your hand upon her and she shall live.”

Jesus proceeded to the home and on the way a woman touched the hem of his garment.

Matt. 9:20 – “touched the hem of His garment.”

Matt. 9:21 – “For she said within herself, If I may but touch the hem of His garment, I shall be whole.”

Each of these were looking for a physical touch of the Lord. If you notice what Jesus said to the woman, “thy faith made thee whole.” With the maid, she could not express her faith or acknowledge the presence of Jesus. The father expressed his faith through worship and the confidence expressed by the statement “lay your hand upon her.” It was not the touch of Jesus. It was the faith exhibited by two people. One had faith that God could heal his daughter by laying his hand on her. The lady had the faith that touching the hem of His garment. It was not the touch that healed. It was the faith that each had. It is the same with salvation. Our faith makes us whole, healed of the disease of sin. Faith in the Lord cleanses us and makes us fit subjects of heaven.

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