What We Learned In 2020

The Shayne Moses Project

By Chuck Baldwin 
January 7, 2021
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We learned much in 2020. I’ll get right to it.
1. In 2020, we learned that the establishment church is happy to render to Caesar the things that are God’s.I’ll say it straight out: Those pastors and churches that refused to resist the Covid lockdowns, closures and restrictions during 2020 surrendered to the spirit of antichrist and became part of the Babylonish beastly system of Revelation 18.Truly, the salt has lost its savour, and as Jesus told us, “it is thenceforth good for nothing.” (Matthew 5:13)What began as government-created tax-exempt religious organizations in 1954 turned into full-fledged government houses of spiritual prostitution in 2020. Street hookers are more honorable than these sheepish, sniveling, spineless “saints.” At least street hookers are honest about what they do, and they don’t try to hide their whorish behavior behind the façade of…

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One response to “What We Learned In 2020

  1. I always cringe when reading Bro. Baldwin’s columns but he is nobody’s fool. My first pastor and mentor, F. C. Miller, once introduced a similarly toe crunching preacher, Lee Wright, with the story about a sign in a pet store window next to a parrot which read: “Not Responsible for Anything this Bird Says!” God Bless preachers.


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