William Andrew Dillard
From the pages of Holy Writ recorded in Luke 16, comes a story told by Jesus to His disciples. It perplexes many readers to this day. It is the story of an unjust steward who acted in a commendable way with the material things within his trust
The context is that the steward had been accused of being wasteful of his master’s goods, and was called upon to give account which would probably end his position.
Realizing his plight, and his unpreparedness to work in more menial jobs, he moved to make friends with creditors who in reality may have been bad creditors, but his actions brought at least partial payment to his master while making friends through the use of material things that would enhance his job opportunities..
The conclusion of the story leaves no room for doubt that it was all about the wise use of material things. Jesus stated that the children of this world are wiser in their generations than the children of light. In other words, the children of light have need of wising up to the benefit of using material things to befriend others, especially in their times of need.
Mammon is money. Jesus taught His disciples to make to themselves friends with this mammon of unrighteousness. While some wrestle with what this means, the application is simple and sure.
God is to be honored with one’s money. This means more than tithing or what one may give to his church. It is how we wisely reach out to others. Everything one has comes providentially from God, and has value, small or great. To use knowledge, wisdom, or material things to be helpful to others is the overall point. It has been said that what one keeps, he loses. But what one gives away, he keeps. When opportunity presents itself to do good to others, even if it may cut a little into the quick, it is the right thing to do. One never knows just how the twists and turns in the course of life will wash out. A good deed done may well return tremendous dividends much later when they are needed most.
The bottom line is that no one may serve two masters. He will love one and despise the other. If money is our goal in life, and we cannot part with some of it to help others in their time of need, it is certain that in our own times of need no one will be ready to reach out with a helping hand, an encouraging word, a recommending boost. The unnamed steward was wise to this principle. He employed it and it was a tremendous blessing to him.
God’s people today are stewards of the Word of life, of reconciliation to God. What are we doing with this most important possession of the Master?

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