Divine Guidance

Psalm 25:9; Psalm 48:14; Isaiah 42:16

Would you not agree that if we are Divinely Delivered, should we not yield to Divine Guidance. If you agree, then notice the meek God will guide. I like that passage. To often we travel in arrogance and pride. God says that He will guide the meek in judgment. This means we have to lose out pride and arrogance. This can happen through God’s judgment of our character. The rest of the passage says that God will teach His way. God has the desire that we will humble ourselves submit to His teaching.

Consider time. God is God forever. The Lord is my Savior and he will be with me for ever. His relationship with me is to be my guide the rest of my life. We men are notorious for needing a guide and not acknowledging it. We must humble ourselves and simply say, we must humble ourselves under an all knowing God. We must allow him to teach and guide us. His paths are best for us.

We have never trod this path before. For this reason we are the blind. We start our lives not knowing anything. Every step is a step we have never taken before. We are living blind. We need leadership. Our heavenly Father, our creator and the creator of this world has a path laid out for us. If we will submit our selves to the leadership of the Lord, we will have a better life. This is my desire. I pray it is your desire.

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