William Andrew Dillard

Job! To many, that name is a byword, an identification of troubles, and trials in life that rings down through the ages. But it is a powerful reminder that bad things really do happen to good people, and sometimes it is hard to understand why, or for what purpose.
In his case, Job was a righteous man, highly blessed of God whom he both knew and served. Unknown to him was a trial coming his way that easily transcended the mastery of man, but that is not what it was all about. It was a testing for time and eternity to friend and foe that the grace of God is sufficient in whatever temptations, trials, and illnesses life may bring.
God held Job up as an example, but Satan insisted that it was all because of the blessings of God upon him. Take those away, he said, and Job would curse God. (hum, sounds like Satan had already witnessed human failure.)
The contest began. Job lost his sons, all of them. He lost his great herds of cattle, camels, and other animals. Last but not least, Job broke out in severe boils all over his body. He could stand no clothing so he sat in a pile of ashes, covering himself with them, and scrapping his wounds with shredded pottery. To say that he was one extremely miserable character would be a gross understatement. This went on for days, then weeks, then months. His friends who came to console him only succeeded in making matters worse through their lack of understanding.
Misery was piled upon misery! So much so that all generations after him recoil at the bad things God allowed Satan to cast upon him. So, what did Job do that was so right?
Job resisted temptation to sin with his lips. Even when his wife in doubtless pity urged him to cast off his integrity, and curse God and die. Job blessed the Lord.
Job exalted God in praise, avowing that he knew his Savior and that He would stand in the latter day upon the earth. He testified that even though he should die and skin worms destroy his body, yet he would see God with his own eyes and not those of another.
Although Job did not have scriptures to bolster his faith as modern mankind does, he remained true to God, and to the faith he had been given. To put God first, and as one’s only hope beyond this vail of tears is always the right thing to do. Job did just that, and you., dear reader, should follow that example because it is so right!!

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