William Andrew Dillard

Ranking at the top of intellectually stimulating reading in the Bible are the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. These books were written by Solomon, Son of David, King of Israel. He remains the wisest sinner who ever lived. His forty-year reign was the most glorious Israel ever had, and the nation rose to the zenith of its history in the construction of the temple and other works in a time of unparalleled peace. So, one may wonder in view of these things just what did Solomon do that was so right?
Usually, there are a number of things in the lives of people that may be pointed out as the underlying cause. However, it is often the more simple things that become the most profound. Such is true in the case of Solomon.
When Solomon was anointed King of Israel to succeed his father, David, he understood the magnitude of the task before him was overwhelming. He did not see his unique position as a springboard to fulfilling fleshly desires and wallowing in luxury so commonly the failure of many. Instead, he took the responsibility of his position quite seriously, and felt unequal to the task. In that frame of mind, Solomon earnestly prayed to the God of heaven for wisdom to lead His people. He did not pray for health, wealth, fame or any of the other common things men covet.
Accordingly, God both heard and answered his prayer. Moreover, God gave Solomon much more than he asked, including wisdom such as no man before him had possessed, and no man after him would possess. In words Solomon himself would later pen he said, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Solomon looked to God, he trusted God, and sought the help of God to fulfill the task that life had brought to him. In these things what Solomon did was so right!
What about you? Do you operate in the power and wisdom of yourself? Do you trust primarily in the advice of others? So many live their lives this way and it is wrong. Do you look to God in prayer for wisdom to live life as it pleases Him? Do you look to His word for instructions about decisions you must make? If you do, then you are following the example of Solomon, and that is so right!

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