William Andrew Dillard

In Bible times, Ananias was a man of God who lived in or near Damascus. It was to this same man that the Lord appeared in a vision, and gave to him a very special task to perform.
Ananias was sent to minister to the most feared prosecutor of God’s people in his generation: Saul of Tarsus. Ananias knew well the reputation of this man, and the very reason he had come into the area of Damascus. So, what did Ananias do that was so right?
To make a longer story short, he obeyed the Lord! Even though he feared Saul of Tarsus, he feared God more. Ananias did not know about the Damascus Road experience of Saul, but he did know his Lord. It was enough for him that God said “Go to him.” Wonderful things happen when God’s people listen to the Lord and are obedient to Him.
Ananias would never have been known by today’s generation except he obeyed the Lord. He was the human instrument who baptized Saul and whom God used to restore his sight. Because he obeyed, he became a living part of the blessed Word of God for all time.
Ananias was not asked to do a great, near impossible feat. He was asked to simply do the bidding of his Lord; to do what he could do: but it was something most others could not do. This is a very important part of the story. Only John the Baptist originally had the authority from heaven to baptize. That authority was given to the Lord’s church upon Jesus’ ascension. Others might have dipped Saul in water, but it would not have been a heaven-recognized baptism, nor would Saul have received his sight. The Holy Spirit accompanies heaven’s authorized baptism, and spiritual eyes are opened to spiritual things that the carnal mind cannot receive. Great blessings flowed from the act of obedience and that is so right!
Today, many have the attitude: “Let someone else do it.” God does not want someone else to do it. He wants His people; His churches to do it. He has authorized no other. We have opportunity to witness and heaven’s authority to baptize, and to teach all things Jesus commanded. Because we can do this we should, no, we must do it. Moreover, when we obey the Lord, great blessings will come as a result. Folks will be saved. Some will be baptized. The church will grow, lives will be changed, and glory will rebound to the Heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ, and that is so right!

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