William Andrew Dillard

The observance of days was very much a part of the Old Testament Law. However to esteem one day more holy than another is foreign to the New Testament. Still there are many in the religious world who would condemn the most dedicated Christian simply because he paused to worship on the “wrong” day. So just what is the truth about the Sabbath and other holy days? Think with me about this as we reference the scriptures for information.
Under the Law it was forbidden to do anything but rest on the Sabbath day. Once, a man was stoned for picking up sticks on the seventh day. “Sabbath” does come from a word that also gives us the number “seven.” However, that same root word also gives us the meaning of “rest.” Then, under the Law, a number of other holy days were designated for special remembrances and worship. So, I have been asked a number of times and probably you have, too, “Why do you not keep the Sabbath?” Think about it!
I do not keep the Sabbath for the same reason that I freely enjoy pork, catfish, frog legs, etc. The Law was fulfilled and removed from us. Not just a part of the Law, but all of it. Col. 2:14-17. The first church met to worship on Sunday, the first day of the week in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus, Who arose on the first day of the week. Is this appropriate? Yes it is! But think with me a little further.
Paul told the church at Colosse that they must not allow men to judge them in respect of new moons, holy days or Sabbaths. So, if the observance of days is unimportant, even wrong, then why do we observe Sunday? The truth is we don’t or at least we should not. This may shock you, but think with me.
We do not observe Easter as a holy day. We say that Easter is all the time with us. Our Lord is risen. We do not observe Sunday as a day more holy than Tuesday or Friday either. But, since the “Christian” world has influenced our calendars and Sunday has been set aside for hundreds of years as a time to worship collectively, we do not buck the trend. It is good that we have a time when it is convenient to assemble to worship. The thing that is important is the spiritual organism of which we are a part—the church. It is our Sabbath!
Much is made of this point in Hebrews Chapter Four. The people of ancient Israel were saved people, but God did not allow them to enter into His rest because they failed to believe Him again and again. That promise of rest to them is given to the New Testament church. However, not all who have their names on the church roll enter into that rest because they do not progress in the teaching of Christ enough to know what He is talking about. However those who are saved, then follow the Lord in baptism, Church fellowship, and continuing discipleship do enter into His rest and cease from their labors even as God ceased from His. Now is this getting clearer?
Jesus said, “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.” His rest is Sabbath. Every day is a Sabbath day to the knowledgeable, trusting Christian. Hallelujah! And, this rest we know in Him here and now will continue on in the ages to come, but where will people be when there is no calendar, no days….just one day and it is not named?

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