Pseudo-Scientists Take Another Shot at Manhood

This is a Biblical correct article on men.

The Shayne Moses Project

From CHICK Publications re-blog of  a piece in the BATTLE CRY:
Issue Date: May/June 2019

Another evidence today of the Apostle Paul’s “science falsely so called” is a report about the American Psychological Association’s new guidelines on counseling men. Looking everywhere but in the right place, they have decided that our “traditional masculinity” is harmful to the individual man and unhealthy to growing boys.

The character traits of stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression are considered the source of violence, suicides, and other anti-social behavior — such as increased hostility toward LGBT men.

Leadership of the Association is laced with same-sex sympathizers. Thus, the report is heavily tilted in favor of gender confusion. Their concern seems to be more about “hostility toward LGBT men” than growing boys into mature manhood.

As Bible-believers, we can recognize that this is just another misguided recommendation by the worshippers of pseudo-science.

Adopting a worldview…

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