William Andrew Dillard

Among earthlings, the head of a body is very much a part of the body, but inside the head the processes of activity and of life itself are formulated which control the body. Moreover each body is totally subject to the signals of the mind inside the head. Any exception would be recognized as a crippling disease. This is simple enough, but what is the point? Think with me for a moment.
These earthly entities are used to illustrate and parallel spiritual realities. Consider that deep in the heart of Hebrew history, the installation of kings, prophets, and high priests were accomplished by the anointing of oil on the head that ran down on the body. The oil symbolized the Holy Spirit of God which accompanied the anointing, and empowered the anointed one with the necessary capacity to fulfill his newly bestowed role.
In fulfillment of that type, the God/man Jesus, in the fullness of time, submitted Himself to the baptism of heaven’s messenger, John the Baptist. It signaled the official beginning of the ministry He came to earth to fulfill: that of our prophet, high priest, and king. Accordingly, in keeping with the type, immediately following His baptism, the Holy Spirit descended upon him in a form similar to a dove, and the heavenly Father voiced His approval. Jesus, the head of the New Covenant would constitute, in His ministry, an appropriate body for the head. That body is His New Testament Church, which was also anointed with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. The term “anointed” is English. In Hebrew, it is “Messiah.” In Greek, it is “Christ.”
Understanding these things causes several scriptures to become more meaningful to the Bible student. It is the purpose of the church (the body) to be in compete submission to the dictates of the Head (Jesus). In spite of earthly difficulties, the body will one day rule and reign with the Head as His glorious bride.
Consider such verses as Rev. 11:15, “. . . The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ. . . “Without question, “Our Lord” is none other than Jesus. His Christ (anointed body) is His church. Psalm 2:2 states, “. . . the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed. . .” “LORD” is “Jehovah,” the office God (Elohim) uses to reach out to fallen man. His anointed here references His church (anointed body) whose divine offerings to men from the Head continue to be rejected.. The apostles quoted this very verse in rejoicing at their tribulation, Acts 4:24-30.
Make no mistake about it, God works among men through His anointed body, and there is great unity of the body with its head.

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