The Greek (or Hebrew) Down the Street.

Pay attention. Very well said.

The Shayne Moses Project

Hey! Don’t you get tired of hearing about the “Greek” text? The Greek says this or the Hebrew that in the original….blah blah. Or how about this one, “it should be translated as…”  As if they know better than the Translators… “God Forbid” . Must be some sort of logical fallacy there: “Appeal to Authority” or other smelly “Red Herring” of some such.
One of my old pastors used to say he “knew the Greek too, and he lived down the street;” name of Zorba or something like that I think. The point being you don’t need the Greek; you need what God has promised to providentially preserve for you  in your language.(Psalm 12:3-8)  English word origins would serve us better. Hey! IMHO, yea. And here’s a poem which pretty much says it all…welllll alot of it anyways.~SM

I heard the old-time preacher speak
without one reference…

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