William Andrew Dillard

The quagmire of world problems deepens and thickens. Imbalance of international trade clamors for a world currency to prevent one country cheating on another through currency manipulation. Political unrest and distress of nations grows in a continuing web of complications. Religious embracement of humanism, and systematic rejection of true Christianity increases with tremendous speed. Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britian during WWII spoke of world problems as he neared the end of his active career, “Our problems are beyond us.” It is reported that Dag Hammarskjold, former Secretary of the United Nations, said, “I see no hope for permanent world peace. We have tried so hard, and we have failed so miserably.” So where is it all to end? What is next? Someone must have the answer to those problems that are said to be beyond us. Truly, someone will, at least in appearance.
Often, the future is most accurately predicted by consulting the past. A good place to look at this point is the book of Daniel. As that ancient man of God was shown in symbols the unfolding of the empires of the world and the scope of the ages, he viewed great and terrible beasts arising out of the sea. He saw a lion, depicting Babylon, the first, great world empire; a bear, depicting the Medo-Persian empire; then he was shown a leopard with wings, depicting the Grecian empire. Next he saw a diverse type of beast that depicted the Roman empire. These were also verified in the image of a man with head of gold, chest of silver, thighs of brass, legs of iron, and feet of a mixture of iron and clay, depicting the weakness of latter day governments. The common denominator of the beasts (a prophetic term for government) is that they arose out of the sea (a prophetic term for the masses of humanity).
Satan, the god of this world influences the godless minds of men to manipulate governments, economics, and religion, the great powers that shape their history, to bring the world to a quagmire so deep, so thick, that his final move at global domination will produce the “promising” Antichrist. That son of perdition will be welcomed by the masses of humanity, and installed in power. What follows will be the darkest hour for men on earth. His solutions will be welcomed initially, then when well entrenched in power, all hell will break loose. Remember he is called Abaddon in Hebrew and Apollyon in Greek. In English those names mean “the destroyer, havoc maker.” Global destruction is his delight, and such is the apex of his career. 
If our problems were beyond us in the days of Churchill, how much farther are they beyond us now! Surely, the quagmire thickens. I would not want to be on this globe without being a Christian. But, all this does not bring disillusionment or fear to the knowledgeable Believer no, not al all. This simply means eternal joy is just ahead for those who know the Lord Jesus Christ. We can join the beloved apostle John, writer of Revelation, in saying, “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!”

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