William Andrew Dillard

In the theological world it is often stated how mixed up folks are about the subject of brotherhood and its meaning. But if one thinks that to be a problem, just consider how mixed up so-called churches are about motherhood!

The status of motherhood has been on the rise for the last two thousand years. Jesus elevated it to its proper position, but as with most everything else, man takes it where it does not belong. Kooky ideas in the 21st Century about feminism in general and motherhood in particular abound. Media is filled with the exaltation of feminism, even to the extreme of subjugating masculinity, unless that too resides in a female. But try as they will, men will never totally pervert God’s creation order and purpose. Godly women find the ultimate of feminine contentment and joy in their God-given roles, even if modern times cause those roles to change somewhat. In this writer’s house, the men are men and the women are glad of it! Conversely, women are women and the men are glad of it.

But let this subject go on into the religious realm specifically. Catholicism has done much to bring shame on the Son of God, and Mary, His earthly mother, by exalting her above Him. Hence, prayers are offered to Mary who is palmed off as a perpetual virgin, and the scriptures show that to be a blatant lie. But, of course, they say, everybody knows if you want to get something from someone, contact his mother. Really!

This article is about motherhood and our mother in particular. Are you staying with me?
When the original cosmos created by God was cast down, an unwritten controversy over the earth between the two supernatural powers undoubtedly occurred. Therefore, in the reconstruction, the earth would be allowed to speak for itself. For that to happen, the earth would of necessity have to bring forth an offspring who could speak, think, and make decisions regarding it. It was to this end that mankind was taken from the earth and made a living soul with those capacities.

In the ancient Hebrew language a word that describes man taken from the earth is “Yelid.” This word literally means and is so translated in other places, “to give birth to.” So, the earth is consistently referenced as “Mother Earth.” She is indeed your mother and mine. From it we were taken, and to it we shall return, even as the spirit within us was given of God, and will return to Him.

It is the purpose of man then to make good decisions regarding his mother Earth, including all her children. The first man failed so utterly, but the second Adam succeeded. To Him the Earth looks, as well as all her children who are saved from that terrible sin, and more specifically their own. Are you honoring your mother by honoring Him?

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